Voting For All

Why is the City Council not looking into ways to make voting accessible to all?

Have you ever asked yourself why voting is not accessible to all individuals?

There’s a questioning strategy called “Socratic questioning”. It’s where you ask a question,  receive an answer, ask “Why?” to that answer, and so on…. until you get to the REAL answer.

In cases of politics, the usual answer will be “IGNORANCE and FEAR” and “POWER and CONTROL”.

Ignorance and Fear

Ignorance comes about because people are distracted.  These distractions can occur intentionally, and unintentionally.  There is usually a motive behind the distraction.

Fear comes about because people are wired for survival.  Fear comes about when people are not allowed to use the higher parts of their brains for thinking.  Fear happens when people are sleep-deprived.  Fear happens when Marzano’s most basic level of needs is not met.

Fear is not bad.  Fear can keep a person safe.  Think of Spiderman’s “Spider Sense”, which alerts Spiderman to danger, and prompts him to take evasive action.

Power and Control

Power is not inherently bad.  Power is what “powers” things.  It is necessary.

Control is not inherently bad.  People must exercise self-control.  It is necessary.

Some City Council (and Governments, Individuals, and Other Organizations) tilt the scales of Power and Control, by ensuring that voting is NOT accessible to all so they can maintain POWER and CONTROL over others.

This may not seem like a bad thing; however, follow the timeline into the future,  and one sees a society where people no longer think (because they have been taught not to), and are no longer — human.

Ask yourself if this is the future you want for yourself and your future generations.

What can we do?  

1. We can speak up and have conversation to share about and identify the inequities in the systems.

2. We can join organizations working toward equity, and a balance of power and control.  Some organizations are:

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