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Felicia Chew – “When a kindergartener gives you a mustache, you put it on” (Tucson, AZ)

9.13.18 Update: The Supreme Court has ruled against us.  Felicia’s name will not appear on the ballot.  There will not be an election, because there are only two seats, and two valid candidates.  Thank you, friends, for your support.  Please join me in the work to help end systemic domestic violence, and help foster a happy, healthy Tucson through Projects with my small business.  Read more…

9.7.18 Update: Felicia has filed an appeal with the Arizona Supreme Court.  Read more…

8.31.18 (1144h) Update: Our name will not appear on the ballot.  There will be no opportunity for voters to weigh in on who is seated on the 2018 Amphitheater Governing Board.  Read more…

8.31.18 (0800h) Update: Several local community members, leaders, and friends share why they believe Felicia should be on the ballot.  Read their comments and add yours!

8.31.18 (0700h) Update: Superior Court today from 9-11:30am, Room 680. Join us if you believe people should have a choice and a voice.

8.27.18 Update: Why are we promoting the petition to the Judge?  Is it meaningless?  Read more…

8.26.18 Update: We have started a petition on, a site where everyday people can speak up, and be an influence to change in our world.  Please sign and share our petition to keep Felicia on the ballot!  Thank you!

8.23.18 Update: The plaintiff (one of our opponents) has two allegations against our petitions.  Read more…

*Note: If we are knocked off of the ballot, there will be no election.

8.22.18 Update: We just received a phone call that we need to be in Court tomorrow, because our nominating petition signatures are being challenged.  Learn more…  While this is not surprising (people in the “political sphere”, consider this to be a part of the “political game”), it is disappointing (and distracting).  Read more…

8.8.2018 Update:  We did it, friends!  Thank you!  You will find my name on the November 6, 2018 General Election Ballot.  Thank you for your vote!  #SuccessForAllAmphiStudents 

Hi Friends!

In order for my name to be on the ballot, I need to collect 400 nomination signatures (aka petition signatures).  Click here to read about why I am running for Governing Board.  After reading, I hope you choose to help collect signatures.   Here is what you need to do:

  1. Print the petition (below) on to 8 1/2 × 11 paper (horizontally).
  2. Print the map (below).
  3. Buy a pack of 3 x 5 index cards (available at the Dollar Tree for a dollar + tax).  This is the information follow-up card, where individuals will write the following information neatly (you can offer to write it):
    • Name;
    • Mailing address (you can offer to copy it from the petion later);
    • Email address (for email reminders about when to vote, and communicating with me – let them know I will send them an email with my contact information, and a newsletter will come out around the fourth Friday of each month);
    • Phone number (and if it can receive texts);
    • + (a plus symbol and something they like about the schools);
    • ◇ (actually a triangle which is the delta symbol which means change and something  they would like to see changed at the schools).
  4. Get a clipboard (optional, and useful, and also available at the Dollar Tree for a dollar + tax).
  5. Buy a puzzle with a lot of pieces (optional, but fun! also available at the Dollar Tree for a dollar + tax).
    • This is for giving to people you talk with.  Give them a piece and tell them, “You are a piece of the puzzle of life!” 🙂  Let them know that they are invited to the Monterey Court Gallery (505 W Miracle Mile) on November 4, 2018 between 5p-8p to put their piece together with other pieces from the puzzle!
  6. Ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives (including the people at your grocery store, church, your child’s school, and the park) to sign the petition!  Some notes about/for the individuals signing:
    • They need to be registered voters and they can register online at
    • They can be registered with any party (this is a non-partisan seat);
    • They must live within the boundaries of the school district (I will inquire about families who might be open-enrolled);
    • They can sign a maximum of two nominating petitions for candidates in the Amphi Race.
  7. Say thank you! 🙂
    1. Let them know they can contact me through :
    2. Facebook: @ChewForTucson;
    3. E-mail:;
    4. Phone/Text: 520.909.3888.
  8. Contact me (using one of the above methods), or simply come join me at a “First Fridays With Felicia” or a Calendar event, and we will meet-up!

Here is the petition (click here for a downloadable PDF):



Here is the map (Click here for a downloadable link):


Thank you!

🙂 Felicia

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.”