Help End Systemic Domestic Violence

How can we help end systemic domestic violence?  We can help end systemic domestic violence by understanding what systemic domestic violence is.

What is systemic domestic violence?

Systemic domestic violence is domestic violence that perpetuates as a result of  the system’s policies and processes.  Courts, jails, schools, media, family structures are full of policies and processes, all designed to keep domestic violence in existence.

What can we do to end systemic domestic violence?

We can build relationships;

We can empower community members to speak up — whether they are victims or witnesses;

We can take away the shame and stigma of being someone involved with domestic violence;

We can write policies that provide help for abusers to end their habits of using violence when in crisis;

We can write policies that allow programs to implement teachings and practices that facilitate healthy relationships.

How does Felicia Chew Community Projects work to end systemic domestic violence?

We build relationship through the Tucson Zines and the Tucson Quilt Project, providing space for community members to share stories, art, and perspectives.

We build relationship through partnering with community groups and organizations through fundraising events and community events.

We empower others to speak up through sharing messages (none are censored), in the Tucson Quilt Project.

We provide outreach, education, and advocacy through the Domestic Violence Support Services.


We look forward to seeing YOU at a Felicia Chew Community Projects event!