Felicia Chew – Amphitheater Public School Board – 2020

Photo: Felicia Chew at Coyote Trails Elementary School Family Night, teaching students how to fold origami butterflies (Tucson, AZ)

Update December 27, 2019:  Felicia will *not* be seeking a seat on the Amphitheater Public School Governing Board in 2020.  Felicia will be focusing on her campaign for a seat on the Pima County Board of Supervisors (District 3), and her work with her small business Felicia Chew Community Projects.

Update November 12, 2018:  Felicia will be seeking a seat on the Amphitheater Public School Governing Board in 2020.

Update September 13, 2018:  The Supreme Court has ruled against us.  Felicia’s name will not appear on the ballot.  There will not be an election, because there are only two seats, and two valid candidates.  Thank you, friends, for your support.  Please join me in the work to help end systemic domestic violence, and help foster a happy, healthy Tucson through Projects with my small business.  Read more…

Update August 22, 2018:  “If we keep doing what we’ve done, we’re gonna keep gettin’ what we’ve got”.  One of Felicia’s opponents is trying to remove Felicia from the ballot.  Click here to read more and view the petition that circulated to keep Felicia on the ballot!

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As a Governing Board member, I will:

  • Work to update outdated policies to ensure they are and effective and appropriate in supporting students, parents, and staff.
  • Work to increase services and reduce costs through community partnerships, and re-allocation of our budget as needed to support staff and students.
  • Support our school community through listening to, advocating for, and amplifying voices of each of us, and all of us.
  • Work to ensure that each Amphi student is safe and able to learn.  I will work to ensure that staff is supported and accountable.  I will work to ensure that our communities get return on our investment.



Photo: Felicia and Noah (Class of 2025) after a Cross Country Meet

My son and I have been a part of Amphi since 2011, as student, parent, Holaway Elementary PTO Secretary, Vice-President, President, as a Member of the Superintendent’s Community Council, Member of Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Council, Participant in Superintendent Jaeger’s listening tour, substitute teacher, instructional aide, and teacher.

Photo: Felicia Chew and Holaway Elementary PTO Executive Board Members “The Pride of Amphi” (Tucson, AZ)

As teacher representative, I spoke up about needing healthier food choices for school meals, and LaCima became the recipient for the pilot Fruit and Veggie bar.

I am a community builder, connecting schools with local resources, including Tucson Police Officers, Mayor Rothschild, University of Arizona instructors, and key stakeholders in the community, including sustainability groups, local businesses and social justice organizations.

Photo: (L-R) Former TPD officer Brandon Tatum, Felicia Chew, U of A Camp Wildcat Staff Member Sarah Sutorka (Tucson, AZ)

I served as the District Interventions Coordinator, Summer School Principal, Team Leader, Mentor Teacher, Student Study Team Chair, 504 Facilitator, and Teacher during my tenure with the Woodland Joint Unified School District in California.

I taught on the Zuni Indian Reservation and in the Gallup-McKinley School District, and received Teacher of the Year and a Mini-grant for Technology.

I am currently co-authoring Curriculum for Empowering our students.

I will work to ensure policies are implemented and effective for supporting students, parents, and staff.

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