Vision, Philosophy, and Issues

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Making things better means that we do things a little differently.  That can be scary for people.

Felicia believes that is important to have both vision and courage when breaking out of old habits, which may have worked at the original time of implementation, but may no longer be the most effective nor efficient.  It is times like these that we must have vision and courage.

This doesn’t mean “throwing the baby out with the bath water”; and it also doesn’t mean digging in our heels.  Most importantly, it does not mean shaming or blaming others.  It means meeting us where we are, and giving a hand-up when needed.

As the former Interventions Coordinator for the Woodland Joint Unified School District,  former President of Holaway Elementary School PTO, and former Chairperson of the City of Tucson Citizen Police Advisory Review Board, and owner of Felicia Chew Community Projects, Felicia has vision and courage in implementing programs that have an approach from a slightly different angle, in order to reach a wider audience, and to fill gaps.

As County Supervisor of District 3, Felicia will:

  • Work to provide responsible, sustainable, creative use of funding that maximizes and provides sustainability of funds;
  • Work to provide services that raise the level of wealth, happiness, and health in the County, thereby reducing the rates of crime, irresponsibility, and apathy;
  • Work to provide policies that protect the freedoms and liberties of #EachOfUs and #AllOfUs.

So, how would Felicia vote?  Use this link to see how Felicia would vote, how she plans to vote, what issues she thinks are important, and what issues she thinks were non-issues, because they were already addressed through other policies.

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”