Meet Our 2019 Chief Grilling Officer!


Meet our 2019 Chief Grilling Officer* (and Assistant) – Felicia Chew (and Noah)!

Felicia is not a griller. But by the end of this two week journey, Felicia and Noah (and you!) will be ready and able to cook up delicious ribs (and more!) inspired by the best chefs in the country!

At Reynold’s, we believe that grilling is about more than just eating. It is about building relationships between community members! Learn more about some amazing grillers — their stories, their recipes,
and their dreams.

Follow Felicia and Noah’s journey here!

**NOTE:  You can read 2018 CGO Kari Blanks’ blog at

Red Desert BBQ (Tucson, AZ).  Dave Martin is the owner of Red Desert BBQ, located in north central Tucson, Arizona.  When the temperatures heat up, so does Dave’s grill!  Dave cooks up whole racks of ribs where the meat just falls off the bone, melts in your mouth, and gets into your belly!  Whether it is Thanskgiving time (and you need help because your turkey just didn’t turn out right), you are meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen in ages, you want to participate in a competition, or you need eats for Football season, Red Desert BBQ is ready and available to serve you and your belly.

*NOTE: The 2019 Chief Grilling Officer competition is sponsored by Reynold’s Wrap.  This page is not an official Reynold’s page.  It was created to accompany the application of Felicia Chew as the 2019 Reynold’s CGO.