Hi Friends!

I am glad you found this Page!  My name is Felicia Chew, and I am ordained through the Universal Life Church.

I originally sought this certification so I could do Prison Ministry.

I have a history of working as a helper elf in and out of religious communities.

I believe that anyone is welcome to the Church  and the Church is the Body of God, and God is in each of us and all of us, which means we are each a part of God, so based on the first Commandment which states that “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me”, and coupled with the eighth commandment “Thou shalt not murder”, and filled in with the other eight commandments… well, we should be respecting one another.

Too often, folks take Scripture out of context, and find ways to manipulate the Word to their selfish and malignant narcissistic needs.

It is the responsibility of the community to hold that person accountable.

Scripturally, folks are called to speak to the individual, then bring witnesses if necessary. I have found that a simple conversation can save a lot of heartache. If it was a misunderstanding it can be cleared up. If not, the community can decide to remove the person from the position of authority. If it is deemed accidental, and the same behavior continues, it would then be important to document the behavior, and form a group for accountability and action… to remove, or for the individual to improve. There are lots of folks in communities or outside of communities that can fill necessary roles. That being said, prepare for retaliation. Put on the armor of God for protection. #DoGoodBeGood

I am happy we have connected and look forward to growing together!

/Kalamajong, Felicia