Action Groups

Get involved!  (Note: This list is currently in no particular order.  New listings will be added to the top of the list).

People’s Defense Initiative

Salt of the Earth Labor College

Justice for Rosaura – a 501(c)3 working to end Domestic Violence

Courtwatch – This is the Facebook page for the Courtwatch group, working to ensure that Judges are fair and just.

Our Revolution  – issues based non partisan umbrella organization

AZ Resist – progressive political community calendar – resource to amplify the work of community groups

League of Women Voters


People Demanding Action – issues based non partisan action group

Felicia Chew Community Projects – non partisan small business to end systemic domestic violence by building relationships through sharing stories, art, and perspective.

America Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Somos America – “We Are” America

The House of Rossi

Moms Demand Action – for gun sense in America

Alliance for Justice

National Organization for Women

Amphitheater Community Outreach to Restore Education – Concerns regarding school personnel and administrators can be made anonymously.

Arizona Educators United

TAGG – The Arizona Ground Game – “For us to have policy makers that lead from a set of principles — fairness, equal opportunity, human dignity — we must elect leaders who will develop and support public policies that reflect these values.”

Living Streets Alliance 

Sustainable Tucson

Arizona List

Mi Familia Vota


Children’s Action Alliance

TRGG – Tucson Residents for Responsive Government

Bridge Alliance

Local First Arizona

This page hosted by Felicia Chew Community Projects 


Free Food!! (Lesson Sixty-Five THINK!)

There has been discussion about people being misled into donating to RAICES, based on the image used for the donation page.


I donated to RAICES, after reading the description that money is going to legal fees. Did the image catch my attention and get me to click on the link? Probably.

Advertising 101 (I was taught this in Public School in California in Grade 4). People are going to use images and catchy phrases to draw attention and cause an emotional response to causes — like buying their product or donating to their cause.

I am reminded of when I was a resident advisor and program advisor in college, and we needed to get our residents to a meeting. The signs usually had in large bold print “SEX!!!” or “FREE FOOD!!!” to get the attention of others. (I, being Lawful Good, always insisted on fine print at the bottom of the page that clarified the bold-faced print).


Free food is a marketing technique. Here is a sign I found when I googled “free food sign” and selected “images” leading to this website:

Bottom line, we must educate our communities.  I remember in the 80s when older people were being conned out of their life savings.  We must become a community of thinkers, not distracted by the shiny and sparkly things in the world.

Follow our Facebook page “Think” at:

#AskQuestions #StopShaming #StopBlaming

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life… without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”

500 Sonnet Marathon for Casa Libre

500 Sonnet Marathon at Hotel Congress (photo from Hotel Congress website)

I saw the grabber: “Hate to run love to write?” And said to myself: “Yes, that describes me.”

So, I marked “Interested” on the event that I had found on Facebook, and promptly forgot about it, because I did not add it to my calendar.

The day arrived, and I realized I had scheduled myself to knock on doors to collect signatures to get me on the ballot for Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board.  Mind you, 4pm is HOT, and most people are siesta’ing at home, so I decided to knock on doors earlier in the day, and when it was 4p, I was at Casa Libre.

I am always a little nervous to go somewhere new, but I think of the Dad in The Road : “Let’s just take a look.”

Once at the address, I met Eugene and Sally, Mel and Audrey, and several others, all gathering to write poetry.   I. Was. In. Heaven.

As a young woman, I have always enjoyed writing.  Poetry has always been attractive to me, because there really are no rules.

It goes further than that.  Writing is a form of self-expression, something that is shut down in situations where domestic violence occurs.

This Marathon project was designed to promote self-expression, just like the Tucson Quilt Project.

We had some snacks, and were led in a centering activity.  We wrote a poem where each of us wrote a line, and gave it (covered with all but the last word) to the next person, who wrote the next line, until 14 lines were completed.

They were…


Then, we worked on individual sonnets.  Mine was about escape.

I had to leave early because I had scheduled myself on the Crisis van that night.

Life went on.  Life goes on.  It is up to us if we choose to share our stories, our poems.  I hope you choose to share yours!

My goal is to write ten sonnets for the Marathon… I am at eight so far!

Viva! (La revolucion)

❤ Felicia

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us, our puzzle is incomplete.”

“Another Day At A City Council Meeting with Regina Romero and Others (a sonnet for Sally Roundhouse and Casa Libre’s 500 Sonnet Challenge)” by Felicia Chew

20180527_201905At the City Council meeting tonight
Listening to the reports of others
A few sharing the community’s plight
While others shared of exciting offers.

A new youth center planning to be built
On our recognized award winning base
While neighbors struggle and even feel guilt
For asking for stop signs to keep kids safe.

Rise up, my neighbors, it’s time to speak up!
It is okay to ask for safety needs,
Not many think about an equal cut,
Or fair and equitable policies!

Speak up, Tucsonans, make your voices heard,
For if not, we’ll have policies absurd.

Create-A-Square Writing Camp FAQs

Thanks for your interest in our Writing Camps!

What are the activities?
Your camper will engage in guided writing, drawing, discussion, and reflection.  Games are integrated into the sessions, and campers will walk between activity sites.

Where does the camp meet?
Camps are located throughout town (specific pick-up/drop-off locations will be sent upon registration):

  • Jacome Plaza
  • Reid Park
  • Himmel Park
  • Tucson Mall

Will my camper bring anything home?
Yes! Your camper will bring home a journal of their writing and drawing creations, a headful of knowledge about local history and local traditions, an understanding of personal and community responsibilities, traditions, dreams, friendships, a unique paper quilt, and their personal bag of “quilt” making supplies!

What are the hours for camp?

  • Morning camps are from 9a-12p.
  • Afternoon camps are from 1p-4p.
  • Full day camp is from 9a-4p

What is the cost for camp?
The cost varies, depending on the program selected and the total number of participants.  Our goal is to inspire and empower our youth to speak up and share their thoughts and ideas.  Our financial goal is to take in $15/hour of service, and pay for transportation and materials.  Any additional income is re-invested in the business model, designed to end systemic domestic violence through empowering community members through writing and art, so that they may speak up when in danger:


  • 1 registered participant $45/participant for half day ($225/week)
  • 2 registered participants $25/participant for half day ($125/week)
  • 3 registered participants $20/participant for half day ($100/week)
  • 4 registered participants $15/participant for half day ($75/week)
  • 5 or more registered participants $10/participant for half day ($50/week)

Full Day

  • 1 registered participant $90/participant for full day ($450/week)
  • 2 registered participants $60/participant for full day ($300/week)
  • 3 registered participants $40/participant for full day ($200/week)
  • 4 registered participants $30/participant for full day ($150/week)
  • 5 or more registered participants $25/participant for full day ($125/week)

Are scholarships or discounts available?
Yes! Scholarships are available, based on income and need.  Family and refer-a-friend discounts are also available.

Is lunch provided?
Full day campers may bring their own lunch, or participate in the catered lunch program for an additional $7/camper.

Half day campers may remain for lunch on a space available basis. Half day campers will be charged an additional $5 to participate in the lunch program. Half day campers may bring their own lunch, or participate in the catered lunch program for the additional $7/charge (total of $12).

How many children will participate in a camp session?
Camp size is limited to a minimum of three campers, and a maximum of 10 campers, ages 7-14.

How old are the campers?
Campers are age 7-14.

Who is teaching the camp?
Felicia Chew is a first aid/CPR certified, Arizona Department of Education credentialed writing instructor, who loves to write, draw, and play games.  Felicia began teaching over 25 years ago in traditional classrooms in California, and has also taught on the Zuni Indian Reservation, the Gallup-McKinley School District in New Mexico, and around Tucson. Felicia believes that self-expression and the ability to form relationships with nature and culture in the community are healthy and necessary parts of life.

What does the camp provide?
The camp provides materials for campers for writing and drawing, including a journal, markers, crayons, pencils, and a carrying bag.

Can my camper bring their own writing materials?
Yes, however, please note that your camper is responsible for their own belongings.

What else does my camper need to bring?
Campers provide their own snack, and should bring a water bottle, and be prepared for light outdoor walking (from station to station), and will receive specific instructions prior to the start of the camp session.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?
You may contact us on our Contact Form at, or via text or phone (leave a message!) at 520.909.3888


*NEW* Half-day and Full-day “Create A Square” Writing Camps!

Does your child love to write?  Does your child love to draw?  Are you looking for some way to encourage your child to practice and use Writing during Summer Break!

Felicia Chew Community Projects is excited to announce a series of half day and full-day “Create A Square” Writing Camps for children ages 7-14 at local interest spots, including Himmel Park, Reid Park, the Jacome Plaza/City Hall/Courthouses, Limberlost Park, and Brandi Fenton Memorial Park.

Contact us for more information, and directions on how to register at

More information is available at our FAQs.

We look forward to hearing from you!