Tucson Quilt Project

*NEW* Create-A-Square Writing Camps!

Half day and full day camps for ages 7-14!


The Tucson Quilt Project asks for Tucsonans to share passions, what makes Tucsonans unique, what Tucsonans love about Tucson, and more! The quilts are displayed throughout Tucson in local businesses and places of interest to encourage Tucsonans to get out into the community, support local places of interest, and build relationships.

Come be a part of the Tucson Quilt Project at a “Create A Square” event!

Tucson Quilt Project asks:

  • What’s your passion?
  • What makes you unique?
  • What does sustainability look like to you?
  • What message do you want to give to the world?
  • What does Peace look like to you?
  • What cycle do you want to end?
  • What cycle do you want to begin?
  • What should be taught in schools?
  • What do you think about rules and policies? Why?
  • How can we strengthen relationships?
  • Who do you remember?  What message or memory would you like to share?

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Current Quilt Displays

Eckstrom-Columbus Library  (June 1-June 30)


Past Quilt Displays

Thank You To Our Create A Square Event Hosts

  • 4th Avenue Deli
  • Eastpointe High School
  • Eckstrom-Columbus Library
  • Envision Tucson Sustainable
  • First Fridays with Felicia
  • Folk Music Festival
  • Historic Y Volunteer Faire
  • Holaway Elementary School
  • Monterey Court Galleries
  • Premier Chess Camp
  • Presidio School
  • Project Ignite
  • Surly Wench Pub
  • Tucson Peace Faire and Music Festival

Thank You To Our Tucson Quilt Project Quilt Display Hosts

  • 4th Avenue Deli
  • Eastpointe High School
  • Eckstrom-Columbus Library
  • Surly Wench Pub

Thank you to these supporters and sponsors!  Please visit these local businesses and services, and tell them “Thank You” for supporting the Tucson Quilt Project!



Would you like to host a quilt? Contact us on our contact page!