…in the lunchroom

Apologies in advance for any offense that may be taken from my comments.  It is time for us to have Courageous Conversations about what we need to do in our schools to make things better.

My name is Felicia Chew.  I am running for Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board 2018.  I invite you to respond on this page, and engage in conversation regarding these issues that affect us, our children, our communities, our future.

As a Member of the Governing Board, I will help develop a Budget that supports ideas of staff,  students  and families, and community members, for schools that nurture and develop complex thinkers, responsible citizens, and effective communicators


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1. Recess before lunch.

2. *Real* healthy meals.

3.  Community gardens for each school (whether on school grounds, or in the neighborhood, or a nearby school), with native plants, and water harvesting techniques like utilizing watershed management strategies, partnering with neighbors, and Pima Community College, the University of Arizona, the Watershed Management Group, Farmer’s Markets and Market vendors, local grocery stores.

4. Kitchen facilities that are accessible and useable by all members of the community.  This includes the children at the schools.

5. Composting, reducing, reusing, and recycling, at every site.  Compost and seeds can be sold at school fundraisers.

6. Fresh and healthy meals being encouraged (not dismissed because they take longer to prepare).

7. Saying no to “Super Donuts”, cereal boxes, and cereal bars.  Fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season, and native to the environment, are best for our bodies .

8. Meal preparation by students, for students and staff, utilizing math, arts, language arts and science skills.

9. Lunchlines of 3 minutes or less.

10. Opportunity for staff to enjoy school-provided meals at their sites in exchange for eating with students.  This provides opportunity for relationship building within the school community, lower volumes in cafeterias, is a nice perk for staff members, and provides an opportunity for immediate feedback to school-provided meals.