Help End Systemic Domestic Violence

“Setting Boundaries” (Photo by Felicia Chew, Founder Domestic Violence Support Services)


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Transcend Tucson. Movement to address the need for change in  Courts, including written policy to guide Courts, attorneys, and workers in delivering justice and breaking the cycle of trauma in parents and kids.

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Read the Draft of the Bill to Add Coercive Control to Domestic Violence


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Systemic domestic violence is perpetuated by our system, and by our actions.  1 out of 4 women and 1 out of 7 men will experience dometic violence in their lifetimes.  Our children mimic what they see.  When our children see acts of domestic violence, they mimic those acts of violence. 

How can we help end systemic domestic violence?  

We can help end systemic domestic violence through education, advocacy, and outreach which includes:

1. …building relationships through sharing stories, art, and perspective (our Projects include: The Tucson Quilt Project, the monthly Walk-A-Mile, Pie, Felicia!, HaHoHiT/ECHOES, and First Fridays With Felicia)

2. …ensuring policies break the cycle of domestic violence, and have programs and processes in place to keep our community off the course of returning to the domestic violence cycle (we are working with State policymakers to make that change);

3. … encouraging, supporting, and empowering others to be able to #SpeakUp (our Projects include the Tucson Zines #SpeakUp Challenge and the FM Project);

4. …educating ourselves about how domestic violence is systemic, and helping to end that cycle by requiring trauma informed Courts (Elevate Tucson).  Read the articles* below;

5 …donating to Help End Systemic Domestic Violence, and/or participating in one of our Fundraisers (Note: Donations are not tax-deductible)

*The articles linked on this page are written by Domestic Violence Support Services (unless otherwise indicated), that educate and advocate about what we can do to help end systemic domestic violence.

Add your name to the list of businesses and individuals helping to end systemic domestic violence.

Read More About Systemic Domestic Violence (articles are listed alphabetically)

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A Message for Families and Friends of Victims and Survivors

A Message to Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse

A Survivor’s Story (Part One)

A Survivor’s Story (Part Two)

A Survivor’s Tale: Let The Light Shine (July 6, 2019)

Breaking the Victim-Offender Cycle (pages 2-4)

Changing the System

Coercive Control

Coercive Control and Child Welfare (Draft of Bill to Add Coercive Control to Arizona Statutes)

Crime or No Crime?

Cycle of Abuse

Dealing with Trauma

Diary of a Hopeaholic

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Domestic Violence Support Services (DVSS) Advocacy

Domestic Violence Support Services (DVSS) Education

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Elevate Tucson

Empower, Educate, Collaborate, Facilitate

Help End Systemic Domestic Violence

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Hope (End Fear, Implicit Bias, and Stigma)

How Do We Get A Handle On Domestic Abuse?

How to Speak Up

Journey to Be Survivor

Minimizing Victim Contact

Religious Coercive Control

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Systemic Domestic Violence

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