Raul Grijalva, United States Representative – Arizona CD 3
Regina Romero, Tucson City Councilwoman – Ward 1
“I think [Felicia] would add the voice most needed on the Tucson City Council now.” Karin Uhlich, current Ward 3 Councilwoman
Arizona List
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona
Las Adelitas 
Carmine Cardamone, former Arizona Representative
Ted Downing, former Arizona Representative
John Kromko, former Arizona Representative
“Felicia is a highly qualified leader, single mom, teacher, domestic violence advocate who happens to be a woman. It matters that women lead because girls can’t be what they can’t see. When women do well and have an equal part in our society – everyone benefits.” – Victoria Steele, Former member of the Arizona House of Representatives
“I served with Felicia Chew as the Chairman of the Citizen’s Police Advisory Review Board and was always impressed with her thoughtful approach in ensuring that the voices of every Tucson citizen were always heard.”  – Jeremy Christopher, Former CPARB Chairperson
“Ms. Chew is a dedicated and consummate public servant.  She inspires children with mind-expanding projects in her classroom, and she leads efforts in our community to strengthen and improve our relationships and our infrastructure.” –Cary Todd, Teacher
“I have known Felicia Chew since high school. She is loyal and gets things done.” – Sophia Yen, MD and CEO of PandiaHealth.com “the only women-founded/led company in the birth control space”
“I worked with Felicia in the public schools. I found she could always be counted on to advocate strongly for her students; to collaborate meaningfully with her colleagues; and to consistently volunteer her time and efforts to get things done. Felicia always goes above and beyond.” – Julia Bernstein, Teacher
“I’ve had the experience of working with Felicia Chew, and her student lessons emulate the leadership traits that develop meaningful values and give students  the tools to be successful in our communities. She cares about kids and people. I believe these are important traits of being an elected official.” – Dustin Williams,
Pima County School Superintendent
“It will be so good to have someone who will be an advocate for sustainable practices like rainwater harvesting on the city counsel. Felicia isn’t only knowledgeable, but also walks the walk by volunteering at Watershed Management Group.” Jana Segal-Stormont, Tucson Sustainable Living
“Felicia truly engages with her community. Long before she decided to run for city council Felicia and her family made a commitment to improving the city of Tucson. For years, Felicia and her family have made it a priority to attend or volunteer for a community event every week. (Every week!)” – Kayla Dorff, Teacher
“We need people like Felicia Chew on our City Council. She’s a teacher who dedicates her time, not only to our children, but to our community as well. I’ve met her at community meetings for water protection and indigenous rights and I’m impressed with her resolve to engage with people in a constructive forthright manner. I’m a semi-retired science and math teacher who volunteers all my spare time to the benefit of our community. I really appreciate the contribution that Felicia has made so far.” – John Jorgensen, Educator
“Inclusiveness & fairness are two words that come to mind when considering Felicia for public office. The extra benefit she brings to the table is her dedication & experience in education.   I see Felicia as a great choice for Tucson.”- Vicki Gee, Retired / Insurance Broker.
“Being a Member of City Council takes great people skills and the ability to work with people of various backgrounds who like you are dedicated to making Tucson the best city it can be.  Felicia Chew is absolutely that person.  Her intuitive nature guides her towards seeking solutions with amazing outcomes.  Felicia has the ability to really listen to both what people are saying and what they are not saying. It is that gift that will make Felicia Chew excel as a member of City Council.” – Chava Gal-Or, Director of Congregational Education, Temple Sinai