Domestic Violence Support Services

We are working on a draft of a bill for 2019 Legislation.  Click here for more information.  Please contact us with feedback, or if you have a story to share about coercive control and/or child safety and welfare in homes of families caught in the cycle of Domestic Violence.


A Message From Felicia Chew, Founder of the Domestic Violence Support Services Project:

As a survivor of domestic violence, I understand the isolation that victims and survivors feel. I understand the PTSD that occurs in victims and survivors. I understand the fight, flight, or freeze reactions that occur.

I see the gaps in services and relationships. There is fear from all sides:

  •  from the victim’s perspective — the shame, the blame, the guilt. I see the helplessness, the hope-a-holicness, the apathy.
  • the perpetrator’s perspective,
  • the friend’s perspective,
  • the child’s perspective,
  • the bystander’s perspective,
  • the advocate’s perspective,
  • the lawyer’s perspective,
  • the judge’s perspective,
  • the law enforcement officer’s perspective,
  • the public defender’s perspective.

So, the Domestic Violence Support Services Project has a plan for action on many different levels. As a sponsor or advertiser, you will be supporting the following work:

1. Education of the community about domestic violence and what the community and individuals can do to help reduce the instances of domestic violence.

2. Advocacy and work on changing domestic violence statutes, to shore up loopholes, and update outdated policies and procedures.

3. Outreach, support, community mediation to individuals who are experiencing domestic violence.

Click on any of the links above to learn more about the progress in each of these areas. Every $15 provides one hour of services to accomplish the mission of providing domestic violence support services to our community. Thank you for your support.

In Peace,