Pi, Felicia (fka “Save Golden Pin Lanes” and “Safe Space Project”)

January 16, 2022

Felicia Chew Community Projects

Domestic violence perpetuates for a variety of reasons. Pi, Felicia believes that having safe spaces for community members to become educated about the cycle of domestic abuse will reduce the number of domestic violence events.

The Pi, Felicia storefront provides space for community members to gather as needed:

  • Those experiencing the cycle of abuse can come to Pi, Felicia;
  • Those wanting to learn about how to help others who are in the cycle of abuse to break the cycle can come to Pi, Felicia;
  • Donations in exchange for creative products by victims, where 90% of the proceeds are given to the victim creative can come to Pi, Felicia;
  • Those wanting to donate to Pi, Felicia can come to Pi, Felicia;
  • Those wanting to make donations for pies (sweet and savory) with the option for having conversation, creating art, hearing stories and perspectives from others can come to Pi, Felicia.

Women and children need affordable housing after leaving abusive relationships. Pi, Felicia is affordable “co-op” housing for empowering, educating, and elevating women and children.

Pi, Felicia is similar but different to co-operative housing models. They are residences and bed and breakfasts where residents are trauma-informed:

Residents learn about and have support in:

  • the wheel of power and control;
  • ACEs;
  • abuse by proxy;
  • crisis response;
  • the grief cycle;
  • emotional maturity;
  • narcissism;
  • boundaries;
  • healthy coping strategies.

Residents have the opportunity to:

  • Have respite;
  • Have a safe space;
  • Learn about finances;
  • Learn about home ownership;
  • Have childcare;
  • Restore trust;
  • Educate, empower, and elevate themselves and others.

Pi, Felicia has common spaces such as common garden, workspace, and library.

Pi, Felicia residences have sleeping areas, kitchenettes, and individual outdoor showers and baths.

Funding for Pi, Felicia:

  • Private donors
  • Individual residents
  • Storefront donations
  • Local business donors
  • Tucson Quilt Project donations
  • Felicia Chew Tutoring donations
  • other Felicia Chew Community Project projecta

*Note: Pi, Felicia is not a non-profit organization.

Contact us with any questions, ideas, comments!

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