In the Community

Felicia came to Tucson in 2011, and has been active in the community ever since.

Help End Systemic Domestic Violence (Felicia Chew Community Projects)

Felicia has been actively working to help end systemic domestic violence through various Projects in the community, including the Tucson Zines SpeakUp Challenge, the Tucson Quilt Project, the Domestic Violence Support Services Project, Save Golden Pin Lanes, and Walk-A-Mile for Our Tucson

Chew for Tucson – “chew on ideas, chew on food, chew’s wisdom because our children are watching” Project 

Felicia has recognized the need to bridge gaps people to resources, and build relationships people to people, The CFT Project began developing over 20 years ago, in Felicia’s classrooms, and was born after the 2017 Ward 3 Primary election. Won’t you share your stories, to help build relationships, helping us understand one another and have empathy? Help bridge gaps in our communities!

Victim Advocate

Felicia volunteers an average of 20 hours per month with the Pima County Attorney’s Office Victim Services Division. Felicia is trained as a victim advocate and crisis interventionist, assisting members of the community, as a member of the County’s Mobile Crisis Units, and Advocate at Initial Appearances.

Local First Member

Felicia is a member of Local First, dedicated to supporting local businesses.

Felicia also supports the following groups and  holds (or held) membership with the following organizations:

  • Reid Park Zoo
  • Flandrau Planetarium
  • National Organization of Women
  • Las Adelitas
  • Sustainable Tucson
  • MOMS Demand Action
  • Tucson Peace Faire
  • Miniature Time Machine Museum

Valley of the Moon

Felicia and her son, Noah, volunteered regularly at the Valley of the Moon, helping share the history of the enchanted, magical place.  Felicia provides visitors with stories and song while in Fairy Form.

Transportation Advocate

In 2017, Felicia requested free bus service for election day.  Her request was denied.  But, a year later in 2018, Mayor and Council offered free bus service for election day.

KIDCO program

During the summer of 2016, the KIDCO Summer Meal program was canceled.  With her determination, perseverance, and knowledge of government processes, Felicia was able to identify an outside of the box solution to the problem, and reinstate the Summer Meal Program.

CPARB (Citizen Police Advisory Review Board)

Felicia served first as a non-voting Advisory Member, and served as the Mayor’s appointment. She ended her term as Chairperson, after increasing transparency of CPARB through her efforts in creation of the Pro-Active Outreach Possibility Sub-Committee; reminding the Board of their ability to exercise referent power; and working through challenges with the Clerk’s Office to create a hyperlink on the CPARB website to increase transparency of CPARB and the Tucson Police Department.

CPARB Annual Report 2015 – Chairperson (Felicia termed out in October, and Derrick Goodrich was left with the responsibility to complete the annual report)

CPARB Letter to Mayor and Council

CPARB Annual Report 2014 – Vice- chair Felicia served as Vice-Chairperson during 2014.

CPARB Advisory Members Search SubCommittee

CPARB Proactive Outreach Possibility SubCommittee. Felicia was the primary advocate in forming this sub-committee.  This committee was formed after Felicia recognized that citizens are not aware of the resource and accountability pieces and processes that CPARB and TPD offer to ensure that officers are able to fulfill their role to serve and protect.

Amphi Superintendent Councils.  Felicia served on the Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Council and Superintendent’s Community Council. As a result of her persistence in having healthier food choices, La Cima Middle School was selected as the site for the pilot fruit and vegetable bar.

PTO. Felicia served as Secretary and Vice-President, and now as President of the Holaway Elementary School PTO. She worked closely with Coach Gina Goldberg on several school events, and works actively to connect community resources with the school.

Watershed Management Group. Felicia volunteers with the Watershed Management Group, and spreads the word about the need for, and methods for creating a sustainable Tucson.

GLOW! Felicia volunteered regularly at the annual GLOW! Festival in Oracle

TESOL Interview.  Felicia taught English Language Learners, including working with refugee students, taking her class on a trip to CENTER and the Tucson Museum of Art on SunTran – many of her students were unfamiliar with how to ride the bus.

TEA (Tucson Education Association) Felicia served as the Association Representative for her site, and advocated for staff members at her site, actively following through with processes, including filing a grievance on behalf of herself and colleagues.

Utterback Community Garden. Felicia reached put to the Community Food Bank to bring back the Community Garden at Utterback.

Utterback Student Council.  Felicia served as Advisor to the Utterback Student Council, and helped connect students to the community,  and plan and hold their first school dance.

Felicia in the Community in New Mexico and California

Diocese of Gallup. Felicia was selected as Teacher of the Year for her work with students on the Zuni Pueblo while teaching at St. Anthon Indian School. She involved the community and Tribal Council in her classroom and in school-wide events, such as the Chinese New Year Celebration.

GMCS (Gallup-McKinley County Schools). Felicia was the recipient of a Technology Mini-Grant, providing cameras and software to her classroom.

Spelling Bee. Felicia hosted a spelling bee during the summer program, to give students some focus and fun during the summer months.

A3HCP. Felicia was a presenter for the Area 3 History and Cultures Project, “Teaching History to English Language Learners” at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Esprit de la Danse

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

Resume – Felicia Samson (married name)