DVSS Advocacy Resources


Domestic Violence Support Services.  Education, Advocacy, and Outreach for the Community, Victims, and Survivors of Domestic Violence.

DVSS Drafts of Legislation. Drafts of Legislation proposed by Domestic Violence Support Services.

Arizona Revised Statutes. Current Statutes in the State of Arizona.  Title 13 covers Criminal Law.

List of Individuals Involved in DVSS Coercive Control Work.  Names of individuals and organizations contacted regarding the work started in 2015.

Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse.  24 hour Crisis Line/Questions About Domestic Violence 1.888.428.0101

Victim Services, Pima County Attorney’s Office Resources for victims of criminal cases.  520.724.5525

Coalition to End Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.

APRAIS Form.  Required by law enforcement to complete and submit with arrest documentation for initial court appearances.  This tool will also help direct victim advocacy services to victims who identify high rates of coercive controlling behaviors.  This is a huge step in identifying coercive control and giving the system (prosecutors and the courts) the tools they need to hold offenders accountable for the crimes for which they are being arrested.



UK Statute on Coercive Control

UK Victim Rights and Resources

UK Laws and Procedures.  The links below include information on how to handle “counter complaints” when the police arrive, and guidelines that  prosecutors and courts use in order to determine who is telling the truth.



Battered Women’s Justice Project.

CC Chat.  The Magazine on Coercive Control.

SpeakUp!  Resources and Discussion on Domestic Violence.