Community Centers in Our Neighborhoods – #SaveGoldenPinLanes

Community centers with various activities are necessary in all neighborhoods, to stimulate happy and healthy neighbors. I am seeking supporters to help end systemic domestic violence, and create a happier, healthier community, through securing Golden Pin Lanes as a community center.

Background Information 

Golden Pin Lanes, located at 1010 W. Miracle Mile Road is for sale.  My understanding is that the current owner (age 85) is looking to sell the facility, because he is aging, and he is hoping to sell to someone who will keep it as a bowling facility.  He recently upgraded the kitchen and added an arcade.

The County has an offer on the property.  My understanding is that the County saw that the facility had been on the market, and since they were looking for someplace to combine facilities in the area, this would be the perfect place.  They could purchase something that no one wants, and save County taxpayers’ dollars.

The current path would result in the bowling lanes being removed and replaced with social services offices.  While it would be convenient to have the social services building in the Golden Pins location, other possible locations include the land behind the Westside Substation and the recently closed Toys R Us on Oracle Road.

We will be asking the County and City to consider options for supporting the transformation of Golden Pin Lanes into a community center, as described below.

In the event that neither the County nor the City are interested in procuring Golden Pin Lanes in this fashion, I am working on a back-up plan to purchase Golden Pin Lanes, and begin the transformation.

We will be sharing our stories about the benefits of Golden Pin Lanes in our community, and sharing my vision at the Call to Audience with Pima County Supervisors on Tuesday, August 7 at 9am, and with Mayor and Council on Wednesday, August 8 at 5:30pm.  Please join us!

Viva (la revolucion)!

❤ Felicia

The Vision

I have a vision for repurposing Golden Pin Lanes into a sustainable community center — keeping the bowling lanes, and addressing several problems and challenges in the community.

1. Safe Space with Mentors for Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence.

Resources. I have a friend who knows 100 individuals who want to be mentors and give back to the community.

Current State of the City. Domestic violence is when family members who live together get into an argument that becomes violent.  When law enforcement responds, and no one is physically injured, the family is told that someone should leave the residence, to allow time to cool off.  Unfortunately, there isn’t always somewhere for the family member(s) to go.  And oftentimes, when someplace is found, the person who had to leave the home becomes more upset, as “friends” may ask how they are doing.  The downward spiral continues, as the person who left begins to feel that they were wronged in being told to leave.  Resentment grows, and when the person returns, they are more angry than when they left, and has time to devise a plan to cause more harm to the family.

Solution. A community center with recreational facilities, and a safe space with mentors trained in crisis response, and knowledgeable about resources, who could work with the person who had to leave their home, could help set a path for the family to take them out of crisis, and into happier, healthier living.

For example, Pima One Stop has pop-up tables at the Pima County Libraries.  My vision is Pima One Stop Plus — with mentors available for crisis response and victim/survivor advocacy.

How it would work. Distressed family members choose to come to Golden Pin Lanes.  Mentors are available to bowl with the children and/or parents, and chat with them, similar to the work that Crisis Response Teams perform.  Studies show that people who are in crisis need a safe space.  Golden Pin Lanes and other community centers could be those safe spaces.

2. Sustainable Income for IndividualsThe Community Center should provide opportunities that help neighbors increase their happiness and health by developing their resources. 

Golden Pin Lanes could host silent auctions and Farmer’s Markets /Swap Meets weekly, for neighbors to sell or trade their wares and services

There are several art therapy programs in the community.  Participants in art therapy programs could have the opportunity to sell their art.

There are several schools in the community.  Schools could display student work.

3. Healthy and safe opportunitiesThe community center should host a variety of activities at reasonable rates, for neighbors to participate.

Golden Pin Lanes has indoor bowling, an arcade, and dining facilities.  In Tucson’s heat, it is necessary to have indoor activities for the summer months.

For more information on the work being done to end systemic domestic violence, visit us online:




Learn how to make a financial contribution to help end systemic domestic violence at

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”

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