The Torch (Volume sixty-five)


Thank you for purchasing Volume sixty five of The Torch: Tommy Trojan vs the World.  This yearbook is not like traditional yearbooks of the past.  

This edition* of the Torch shares the uncut voices of students and their memories of the year.  Some are witty, some are tender, some may strike others as being offensive. Unfortunately, inside jokes can appear offensive to others. We are grateful for the ability to share personal stories and perspectives, friendships that make our experiences unique and memorable.

Some important notes about Volume sixty-five:

We published this yearbook to highlight the freedom of speech, the ability to pursue life, liberty, and happyness. Tommy Trojan vs the World embraces individual stories, art, and perspectives.

Too often, voices have been silenced.  Even today, communities are working to silence the voices of women with the movement toward overturning Roe v Wade.

It is always the time for us as students, and a community, to overcome the fear of speaking up.  We aren’t perfect, and that is okay.

We recognize that when we say something, others might not receive what we say as intended.  So, we work to be effective communicators who use clarifying questions, from the speaker and from the listener.  

This yearbook shows the reality of love, of trials, of perseverance, of worry, of needs to be heard. We created this edition with love.  This book might be charged with going against Board policy.  

This edition may ruffle some feathers,, and some may want to recall, or ban, the sixty fifth edition of the Torch. However, we believe that it is important to find ways to increase equity in our communities. The National School Boards Association publication “Increasing Equity and Achievement by Empowering Students” reminds us that: “When all students have daily access to an education that develops key skills employers demand—such as effective communication skills, empathy, and the ability to strategize with a team—equity increases as both achievement gaps and skills gaps close. Students become empowered with the skills to mitigate the effects of opportunity gaps. This… is particularly beneficial for students with minority backgrounds and students with disabilities (Valls & Kyriakides, 2013).

We have worked this year through our school paper, and this yearbook for equity, for effective communication, for sharing self expression,  and for responding (not reacting) to different perspectives. We are glad you have been on this journey with us! Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

We hope you enjoy the “extras” below!


/The Staff of the The Trojan Trumpeteer and Torch volume sixty five: Tommy Trojan vs the World

*First printing distributed May 17, 2022; Second printing distributed May 24, 2022


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