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#ChristmasWish2021 Merry/Happy Christmas/Holidays/Saturday. This is a (very) long (and important) post. It is part of my Christmas Wish!! Please click “Save for later”, then read and/or share! Thank you!! Merry Christmas!! ❤ Felicia


Social Media is not the enemy. People who misuse social media are the enemy.

Sometimes life just sucks for others. While Christmas is a time of celebrating happiness, it is also a time for celebrating family… which some folx don’t have due to current systems.

Social Media is a voice for those who are shut down by current systems. For example, the post which I have screen capped below is not a situation that many are aware of, even though last month was Family Court Awareness Month, and the month previous was Domestic Abuse Awareness Month.


The original post, which I have screencaptured and shared with this post, reads:

“From a member:

Annonymous please:

Child was interviewed by forensic interviewer and abuse/neglect doctor. The abuse/neglect doctor determined sexual abuse is happening to child. They are recommending a trauma base sex therapist and no contact with father. Mom filed a PFA but in the state of PA they are only granted for 7 days before a hearing to determine if it’s long term. If the state of NJ child protection services and a neglect/abuse doctor is saying she is being sexually abused and there’s no contact will someone finally protect this child and grant a long term PFA?

Childs father was made aware of the situation and how he is being investigated both criminally and civilly. What can mom expect to happen and how can she help her child in the meantime?

We are in two different states/jurisdictions but the custody order and PFA are in her home state of PA while father resides in NJ and the criminal/civil investigations are occurring in NJ.”


I shared a response in the comment section of the original post:
“Re. what can the Mom expect?

There isn’t just one answer. So, for the moment, trusting her gut will keep her safe. Expect to take time to process and respond (not react). #Breathe…


When things are calm, we should all take time to understand reactions and survival mode. We must understand reactions — for example, in thus situation, the dad might retaliate (fight), do nothing (freeze), try to find allies by making false statements (fawn), laugh it off (folly), shut down (fall)… So many possibilities (not to alarm the Mom).

Just a reminder for the Mother in similar situations to surround themself with love and light, and be prepared for anything. This doesn’t mean to become hypersensitive, but it does mean to make some plans in how to respond.

Fear and survival mode are what keep us alive.

We must also love those who manipulate fear and emotions. We must forgive. We must set and maintain protective boundaries when folx are trying to harm us. That being said,we should respond in true love, which is (re-post): patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.”


What can we do to help make things better for #EachOfUs and #AllOfUs (not just some of us)?

We can:

(1) “find that spark” (thank you, Marie Kondo, for helping this become popular), and save what (here is my extension to what Marie taught us), things that are true happiness (before corruption):

– our families
– our spirits
– our selves
– our passions
– our love
– humanity

(2) “embrace the universe” (the second photo which is an image of a painting I brought to life a year or two ago);

(3) remember that “We are each a piece of the puzzle of life; without each of us, our picture is incomplete.” (a sentiment that I poeced together, many years ago).


I am wishing peace in our souls for each of us and all of us. (I love that the peace can be different in each of us! I also love that some folx are arguing with me right now in their heads saying that peace can’t be different because peace is peace. 🤗 And this is why I love-hate humanity. 😁)

I am thankful for choice, and the ability to choose. What are you thankful for?



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