F.A.Q. about Felicia Chew Community Projects

Thanks for visiting us here at Felicia Chew Community Projects.  We have several Projects that are working from different perspectives to build healthy relationships in our community,  with the main focus of ending systemic domestic violence.

Q. How do the Projects fit together?

A. It starts with identifying the solutions that address the problems that perpetuate systemic domestic violence.

Q. What are the problems that perpetuate systemic domestic violence?

A. The problems include lack of empathy; inability to speak up due fear, insecurity, and ; lack of education regarding mental health, brain function, crisis response, and trauma; policies that solve one problem, while creating other problems

Q. How do the Projects solve the problem of systemic Domestic violence?

A. The Projects solve the problem of systemic domestic violence through the use of Education, Advocacy, and Outreach.

Q. What are the Projects?

A. The Education Projects include:

  • Radio spots
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Tucson Quilt Project – for everyone everywhere.  Art is non- threatening, especially because individuals have the opportunity to share theirthoughts, and have one of our artists create their square for them.
  • Classroom Presentations
  • Tucson Zines

The Advocacy Projects include:

  • Drafting a bill to include coercive control in the State statute, victim protections in the Courtroom
  • Childcare so parents can attend Court and Court- ordered activities
  • Referral and lay legal services

The Outreach Projects include:

  • Tucson Zines SpeakUp Challenge
  • Walk-A-Mile
  • First Fridays with Felicia FUNdraisers
  • Chat with Chew
  • Help End Systemic Domestic Violence Gatherings
  • Partnerships with local businesses, groups and individuals to help end systemic domestic violence
  • Save Golden Pin Lanes to have a space for the Safe Space Project

Q. How can I support Felicia Chew Community Projects?

A. There are several ways to support the Projects!

Q. Are my contributions tax deductible?

A. No.  However, they are tax exempt.

Q. I saw that one of the Projects includes “Vote Felicia Chew” for public office.  I don’t want my money going to a political campaign.

A.   Monies for the Projects should be contributed at the Project Support page.  By law, the funds at the Project page cannot be used for the Vote Felicia Chew Project (which has a separate funding page).

Do you have a question that has not been answered here?  Connect with us and we will respond within 48 hours!  Thanks for your interest in the work at Felicia Chew Community Projects!  We appreciate you sharing our information with others, and look forward to adding you to our Supporters page!