2020 Board of Supervisors Nomination Petition

By Vote Felicia Chew

Update:  Thanks for visiting and being willing to take the extra steps to get Felicia on the ballot.  We have chosen to cease collecting nomination signatures, and had a change in plans.  Felicia will not appear on a Primary ballot.  Be sure to write “Felicia Chew” for Pima County Supervisor District 3 on your November 2020 ballot.  Thank you!

If you would like to sign a petition, please click here, and sign the petition to recognize coercive control as domestic abuse.



Felicia is working to get her name on the ballot to serve as Pima County Supervisor District 3.  In order to get her name on the ballot, she must collect signatures for her nomination petition.  Ordinarily, Felicia would be going door to door to collect signatures (which is not possible at this time.)

Thank you for taking these extra steps to help Felicia get on the ballot during this coronavirus pandemic.

**Please note, in order for your signature to count, you must be registered Green or Independent, with your residence in Pima County Supervisor District 3.** 

You can verify what County Supervisor District you live in here. You can update your registration here.  (When you update your voter registration, you will get a receipt.  Please take a picture of your receipt and text it to our Campaign at 520.909.388, or email it to votefeliciachew@gmail.com)

STEP ONE.  Please print, complete, and sign the Petition below (front and back).  If you have a cell phone, take a picture of the front and back of the completed petition and text the images to 520.909.3888.

STEP TWO.  If it is before April 1, 2020, please mail the completed Petition to:

Vote Felicia Chew

917 E Pastime Road

Tucson, AZ 85719

(Note:  If you cannot mail it, or it is after April 1, 2020, please contact us for pick-up by texting the word PICKUP and your address to 520.909.3888.  You can also email votefeliciachew@gmail.com  with your address, or call us at 520.909.3888.)

Thank you for your support!!  Let us work toward pandemic peace.

💜 Felicia



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