Hypersensitivity – Insights on Reactions to JK Rowling

November 21, 2021 by Felicia Chew

JK Rowling isn’t transphobic or homophobic.  Folks are misinterpreting her words because of being hypersensitive.


Context:  Yes, this is an issue from June 2020,but it is still relevant. (This issue came to my attention, because the Harry Potter crew is apparently getting together without JK Rowling.)

Purpose:  After reading the article, I recognized how important it is to discuss this experience, in an effort to reduce malignant and violent conflict that exists  in other areas, like “race” (in quotes because we are all the human race, and the proper term is ethnicity).


Synopsis:  We can break the cycle of division and hypersensitivity by becoming trauma informed, self-aware, and informed about how egos abuse  power and control


(Note:  I can already hear angry responses of being victimized by what I write.  If you are becoming upset, I encourage you to click “Save this post” and come back to read it later.  I mean to *really* read it.)

Personal Reflection:  Since running for political office, I have been accused over the past few years of being condescending in what I say.   Over the past four years, I have reflected on how a group called “Raise your hand if you’ve been victimized by Felicia Chew” came to fruition, and why Officers of the Law have taken to yelling at me on the phone and in person. Prior to that, I have had a few colleagues lament about me and my results and teaching methodology — and conflicts because my ideas implemented because I had learned how to put ideas into reality — and then coupled with the shaming has led me to become a “helper elf”.

What I Have Learned:  Over the years, I have learned that the term “victim” has a legal definition, and also an emotional definition (something most words have).

An Analogy:  The example I share in class surrounds the word “dog”.  For some folks, a dog is adorable and man’s best friend.  For some, a dog (evidence small cute pugs) are “Cujo” to them, based on past experiences.

Conclusion:  Being hypersensitive is normal… a neurological transformation that happens after years of trauma (Google ACES – Adverse Childhood Experiences, which discusses how emotional trauma manifests physically; Google Addictions to learn about internalizing unhealthy addictions and how it is a process to retrain the body).

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