“I Love the Way You Lie”…

by Domestic Violence Support Services

Eminem was under fire for the line in his song with Rihanna “I Love the Way You Lie” about tying her to the bed and watching her burn…. This is domestic abuse and domestic violence being memorialized… truth in the raw uncontrolled emotions being dismissed as fictitious, or charged as criminal behavior which perpetuates, instead of teaching folks how to manage their emotions, to have healthy relationships.

“Locker room talk”, misogyny, implicit bias, “it’s just a joke”, “man up”, “boys will be boys”, laughing about people’s body parts that are “not normal”… all toxic behaviors.

Arguing from one’s limited perspectives on how it is “her fault”, and using guilt and shame to perpetuate toxic behaviors will lead to the demise of society and culture as we know it. That is potentially a good thing, to let the toxicity destroy itself.

But then, there must be something in place to help build new and healthy relationships. A culture where people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, socio-economic status are not stepping on and pushing others down so they can get up.

I love basketball. I don’t love watching players after they have both fallen push on their opponents to get up. This mentality of “kick ’em when they’re down” and “take it and run” should not be celebrated.

I am glad that I can have discussions with the youth of today and hear how they are not buying into this toxic culture.


Parents, consider the traditions that you follow. How have they been corrupted? Why do you continue to press on with outdated traditions that harm others?

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