Ballots Are Coming Soon: Write In Felicia Chew!

By Vote Felicia Chew

Write-In Felicia Chew for Pima County Supervisor because Felicia will work for:

  • safe and healthy communities;
  • enacting programs and policies to break the cycle of systemic domestic abuse;
  • jobs, equal justice, infrastructure, and opportunity that supports each of us and all of us;
  • ending tax breaks and special deals.

Did you know that our current Supervisor…

  • voted to close Golden Pin Lanes, and refused to meet with constituents to understand community needs…
  • welcomed Monsanto into Pima County District 3, ignoring community input, and allowing experimental crops that pollute our water…
  • gave $75 million of taxpayer dollars to big businesses, ignoring smaller business needs…

We deserve programs and policies that support each of us and all of us. Write-in Felicia Chew on your General Ballot, for Pima County Supervisor, District 3.

Fill in the bubble, and write in Felicia Chew, for County Supervisor (District 3)

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Real Solutions for Real People

by Vote Felicia Chew

Real solutions for real people.

Who are the real people?  Each of us and all of us.

What are some of the problems?  Potholes, abuse of power and drugs, obstacles and stigmas about who we are.

What are some of the solutions?  Effective policies and processesses regarding evictions and abuse of power and drugs, that provide a hand up (not a hand out); programs that empower and support community members to be better contributors to our community.

Reality #1:  Problems have been allowed to fester and the direction of current leadership increases the gap for folks who are already “getting the short end of the stick”.

Reality #2. There are many ways to solve the problem.  The observation that “we must break a few eggs to heal” is true…  The Write In Felicia Chew campaign recognizes that the current Board is breaking the wrong eggs.

Reality #3. Parks with safe and accessible walking paths to keep our minds and bodies healthy, and build healthy relationships; Restorative and transformative activities heal real people; Communities that are educated on how to help break unhealthy cycles flourish.

Write in Felicia Chew for Pima County Supervisor, District 3 on your 2020 General Election Ballot.  Learn more at and, and

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”