Safe Space Project (fka #SaveGoldenPinLanes)


June 30, 2019 Update

Golden Pin Lanes is officially closed.  However  the dream to have a Safe Space for those caught in the cycle of systemic domestic violence still lives on.  We are continuing our efforts to find a location that is affordable for members of the community in the Miracle Mile area.  Learn more about the Vision at “Pie, Felicia (Plus)

Note:  The “Thrive in the ’05” Project is currently focusing on a portion of the area in regards to economic development.

We are continuing to search for a brick and mortar that can house all of the activities we had hoped for at Golden Pin Lanes.

How can you help?

  • Spread the word about the need for a space for all of the services we hoped to provide
  • Talk about it.  Share your story, or a story you know about how this is #TheSameButDifferent
  • Subscribe to this website (at the bottom of the Page, click “Follow”)
  • Engage in courageous conversations with others about how this current system does not work for ending the cycle of systemic domestic violence

March 18, 2019 Update

No connection… we have conceded… we are unable to secure funding to purchase/lease Golden Pin Lanes. Thanks to all who supported us in our effort. We will be continuing the work on other Projects to help our community be better. If you contributed to the GoFundMe account, you will be receiving an email from us shortly regarding receiving a refund. Thanks again for your support and involvement in our community! ❤

March 17, 2019 Update

We are in conversation with the County and Golden Pin Lanes LLC’s agent to identify if we can (1) negotiate the transfer ownership from Golden Pin Lanes LLC, and (2) lease the facility from the County for a year, and then apply for a loan from a local credit union.

If you can assist with transfer fees, etc, please donate! If we are unable to reach our goal, we will connect with you to issue a full refund of your donation (or you may choose to donate to Felicia Chew Community Projects – – to continue the work of helping to end systemic domestic violence in our community through sharing stories, art, and perspectives).

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Thanks for helping to make things better with your contribution. Please share this information with others!

March 9, 2019 Update

We are still working to save Golden Pin Lanes, and have updated our GoFundMe page, reducing the amount we hope to raise, to allow us to LEASE the facility, and form a B-Corporation (Benefits Corporation) which will allow our community, to invest in ourselves through Golden Pin Lanes +. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed.  Won’t you contribute $3 or more?  Please share with your friends, who can learn more at

Thank you!

February 5, 2019 Update

We received another contribution today, investing in Golden Pin Lanes +. Thanks to our contributors! Learn more at

January 20, 2019 Update

  1. Unfortunately, our pleadings have fallen upon deaf ears. It is up to us, the community, to Save Golden Pin Lanes, by purchasing the Lanes at the price the County Supervisors paid… of $2.65 million. The $350,000 is to give us a cushion for the year one transition of operating under new ownership.
  2. We have created a gofundme page at  Please donate if you can, and share.  With 1 million people in Tucson, if each of us contributes $3, we can reach our goal.
  3. An updated vision of Golden Pin Lanes + is available at Golden Pin Lanes +

Golden Pin Lanes is on the table for being closed down in June, not because of lack of business and good works in the community, but because the County does not appear to understand the value of community to dollars.

We are working to help the County and City understand that community is more important than dollars.  Strong communities reduce crime.

Help us reduce crime, by telling the County and City to save Golden Pin Lanes. We are asking for one of the following solutions:

1. the County to operate the Bowling Center under the County Parks and Rec program, to house a complete community center that includes Pima One Stop, the mobile library, and other County resources

2. the City and County to partner in the effort to create a complete community center in the area.  The property across the street from Golden Pin Lanes could be bought and converted into a parking structure for Miracle Mile businesses and services.

3. the City and County to exchange properties (their choice), and for City Parks and Rec to take ownership of Golden Pin Lanes.

4. the County to enter into a private-public partnership to coordinate efforts in helping to reduce crime by providing quality affordable entertainment for all community members.

Unfortunately, our pleadings fell upon deaf ears.  So, it is up to us, the community, to Save Golden Pin Lanes, by purchasing the Lanes at the price the County Supervisors paid… of $2.65 million.  The  $350,000 is to give us a cushion for the year one transition of operating under new ownership.

Learn more about the benefits of Golden Pin Lanes to the community at

Visit and Like and Follow us at

Add your name to the Petition at

Thank you for your support in helping our community be healthy and strong for #EachOfUs and #AllOfUs.


Ways You Can Help Save Golden Pin Lanes!

Help raise funds to purchase Golden Pin Lanes!

Carry a paper petition!

Sign the online petition!

Write a Letter to the Editor

Speak at a Call to the Audience at the City Council Meeting

Speak at a Call to the Audience at the County Supervisors Meeting

**Contact local news to let them know you think this story needs coverage.**

Golden Pin Lanes Website

Golden Pin Lanes Factoids

Golden Pin Lanes +

The Acquisition of Golden Pin Lanes did not include public input.


January 20, 2019 Update

  1. Unfortunately, our pleadings have fallen upon deaf ears. It is up to us, the community, to Save Golden Pin Lanes, by purchasing the Lanes at the price the County Supervisors paid… of $2.65 million. The $350,000 is to give us a cushion for the year one transition of operating under new ownership.
  2. We have created a gofundme page at  Please donate if you can, and share.  With 1 million people in Tucson, if each of us contributes $3, we can reach our goal.
  3. An updated vision of Golden Pin Lanes + is available at Golden Pin Lanes +

December 5, 2018 Update –

  1. The meeting was held on December 3 with Chairman Elias, and Mr. Elias shared that he would like to Save Golden Pin Lands, and that the County has a need for space for adequate services for women’s health.  Read more…
  2. Emails were sent to City and County officials, and a proposal made at the Call to the Audience on December 4, outlining the possibility of trading City/County land, and/or following the model of the City Eastside substation/County Library facility, and the common interest of providing for community welfare. Read more…

December 1, 2018 Update – The following meetings have been scheduled/held/vacated:

  1. December 3, 2018.  Meet with Chairman Elias at 10 AM 1st floor of the administration building 120 W Congress Street
  2. December 17, 2018.  Meet with City of Tucson Parks and Rec Director Brent Dennis at 9am at Parks and Rec Conference Room.
  3. November 14, 2018 City Council meeting was canceled.  Members of our CORE Team arrived at 5:30pm to a note stating the meeting had been vacated.
  4. November 20, 2018 Supervisor Meeting Call to Audience.  Members of our CORE Team addressed Supervisors and County Administrator at the Call to the Audience.

November 11, 2018 Update – Our Core Team met to discuss next steps:

  1. Contact Chairman Elias to request a Public Forum for Community Input and /or a Motion to vote to Keep Golden Pin Lanes as a Community Center.
  2. Reach out to neighbors at Neighborhood Association meetings to inform them of the County’s plans regarding Golden Pin Lanes, and activate neighbors to speak at a Call to the Audience or to Write a Letter to the Editor.
  3. Contact Mayor Rothschild and Tucson City Manager to:
    1. Discuss the possibility of acquiring Golden Pin Lanes as part of the City Parks and Rec program, and establishing 1010 W Miracle Mile as the Miracle Mile Community Center.
    2. Discuss the possibility of trading the land behind the Westside Substation for the Golden Pin Lanes property.
  4. Write Letters to the Editor regarding the Economic, Health, Safety, and Crime issues in the community.

November 8, 2018 Update – Brief interview with John C Scott on KVOI 1030AM regarding saving Golden Pin Lanes.  John was unaware that the County had purchased the Bowling Center.

October 20, 2018 Update – A group of #SaveGoldenPinLanes advocates spoke at the Call to the Audience on October 2 and October 18.  Read more…

SAVE THE DATE: SEPTEMBER 18, 2018 “Taking it to the Supes” – 9am at 130 W. Congress.  Share your story during the Call to the Audience! We will be presenting an Appeal to the Board and Mr. Huckleberry, and requesting a Committee to examine all factors, and introducing our Save Golden Pin Lanes Project Proposal.

September 8, 2018 Update – We have over 600 signatures!  Please share our “Golden Pin Lanes Factoids“.

August 24 Update – Ask the County and City to run the Bowling Center through Parks and Rec, or to allow a private party to purchase or lease the Bowling CenterClick here to read the brief overview.  Click here to print and carry paper petitions.  Click here to sign and share the online petition.

Click here for August 17 UpdateDonate $3 to help save Golden Pin Lanes!  Dollar by dollar with some bigger donors will help us reach our goal, keeping quality-affordable-accessible-fun-community entertainment for Tucsonans and visitors!

Click here for August 16 UpdateSave Golden Pin Lanes Plan of Action.  Community centers — like Golden Pin Lanes — increase happiness and can help reduce crime.

Click here for August 6 Update – Community Centers in Our Neighborhoods – #SaveGoldenPinLanes.  Please join us at the Pima County Supervisors meeting on August 7 at 9am and at the Mayor and Council meeting on August 8 at 5:30pm


20180618_194638Golden Pin Lanes is located on W. Miracle Mile Road.  It is a gathering place for the community to come together, and enjoy time together.  It is at risk of being bought and converted into office buildings, taking a family-friendly establishment and turning it into office buildings.  We can have both facilities in the area — the property across the street is also for sale.

The Oracle Area Revitalization Project was tasked with finding ways to improve the economy of Ward 3, one of the poorest areas in Tucson.  The acquisition of Golden Pin Lanes — a vibrant, recently remodeled community entertainment venue — into office buildings destroys the community that gathers in Ward 3 to enjoy life.  Yes, there are plans of building a new bowling facility in the District, but that requires Tucsonans to have transportation to get to the District.

The costs of time for travel, the costs out of pocket, and the costs to the environment for transportation are unnecessary and unfair, widening the already wide gap between socio-economic classes in Tucson.

We need to do the right thing, not take the easy way out.

Please join me in sending a clear message to the Board of Supervisors, and Mayor and Council that we have had enough of the socio-economic disparities caused by bureaucracy.

I have already contacted Pima County Supervisor Bronson, Pima County Supervisor Elias, and Tucson City Mayor and Council regarding our concerns with the acquisition of Golden Pin Lanes.

What can you do to help?

1. Please copy and paste the letter below, and send to our Board of Supervisors and City Council members to encourage them to seek alternative options!  You can copy and paste the letter below, and sign it with YOUR NAME;  

2. Like and follow the Facebook Group #SaveOurTucson for updates and calls to action;

3. Sign the petition to #SaveGoldenPinLanes;

4. Share this page with friends, family, and colleagues. 

Thank you!

Email Addresses:

Ward 3

Dear Mayor and Council, and Board of Supervisors,
How are you? I hope you are well.  I am contacting you regarding the acquisition of Golden Pin Lanes.  I am concerned about the pending acquisition.  The Golden Pin Lanes is a community outlet in an area struggling for having community outlets.  The planning group for the 2nd Miracle Mile Car Show,  recently met to plan for October 2018. We are asking that you help the Board of Supervisors reconsider purchasing Golden Pin Lanes, and select the site across the street instead.  We understand that the owner of Golden Pin Lanes is aging, and had hoped to sell to someone who would continue to operate it as a bowling alley.  The owner across the street is also aging, and is interested in selling.  Perhaps the Board could consider purchasing both (or leasing Golden Pin Lanes, and allowing current management to run the operations?  My understanding is that the facility is operating at a profit.  Maybe outside the box thinking and do a co-lease with the City’s Parks and Rec?).  Oracle Area Revitalization Project Community Member Hanson Fotherby’s comments are below:
“I would like to let you know that a few days after the Golden Pin Lanes Bowling Center meeting… and I pointed out the telephone number… on the sign across the street on the southwest corner of Fairview and West Miracle Mile Road, I called around the Pima County offices and was put in contact with a man who is in the office that is in charge of finding land for the County. I told him about the owner across the street, gave him the man’s name, address and telephone number and told him that the owner of the land is very old and when I talked to him over a year ago he was quite interested in selling it. The man in the office then looked up the property, took down the information and told me he would present it to the people in charge at a meeting he was attending that afternoon. He said that the County had heard a lot of dissonant voices concerning the sale of the bowling center and he told me that they wanted to do due diligence to all other possibilities before they went through with it. 
I also told him that he should build on the southwest corner of Fairview and West Miracle Mile because 1.) They will be tearing down a place close by for their employees to go to eat and relax for lunch and after work. 2.) The southwest corner is mostly bare land so they can build their offices to suit their needs there and not have to tear everything apart and try to suit the bowling center to their needs. 3.) The bowling center just spent millions on renovation and employs a number of people who would be put out of work and county employees using their services could keep them in employment. 4.) The present southwest corner looks decayed and poor and county employees would have to look at it every day as they get in and out of their vehicles in the parking lot.”
Please stop the acquisition of Golden Pin Lanes as an office building, and keep Golden Pin Lanes in our community!
Thank you for your time,

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life; without each of us, our puzzle is incomplete.”


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