We Fought the Law… and the Law Won

Vote Felicia Chew!  … Not This Election Cycle.  Systemic inequity prevails.

In accordance with the common interpretation of ARS 16-321(B), the Judge has ruled in favor of the plaintiff (and our opponent) Matt Kopec, and our name will not be appearing on the Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board ballot.  In fact, there is no voice, no choice for any of us regarding the 2018 Amphitheater School Board Members.  The issue will NOT appear on the ballot since there are now only two “qualified” candidates.

We argued that the statute could be interpreted differently, based on the omission, (or addition) of a comma.  Voters should be registered, and live in the District boundary.  The Recorder’s Office admitted that Voters might move from District to District; however they would not be on the voter rolls as registered in the District — so, the Voters could be registered and living in the District (not the common interpretation of the Statute).

We argued that the system is inequitable and confusing.

We speculated that the plaintiff was malicious in signing all three petitions, knowing that we intended to only submit 10% above the required number of signatures, in an effort to ensure that others who sought candidacy could have the opportunity.

We argued that everyone should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our Judge asked the Recorder for the common interpretation of the Statute.  In retrospect, if we had been in possession of case law that showed different interpretation of statutes (which probably exists), we might have had better chances at prevailing.  Our Judge stated that our arguments were compelling, not just in “this” forum.

Our Judge was compassionate, but unwavering from the common interpretation of the law.  This trait is found frequently in law enforcement officers, as well.  Hindsight being 20/20, we could have asked the judge to set aside “common interpretation”.

We talk about the school to prison pipeline.  We talk about how things need to change.  And yet, our policies, statutes, and systems provide constant barriers to effecting those changes.

This means there will be no election for the Amphitheater School Board, no voice and no choice for voters.

If you are unhappy with this decision, there are a few choices:

(1) File an appeal (this is potentially a long, expensive process). This is the process to challenge the common interpretation of ARS 16-321(B).

(2) Complete the recall process (also potentially a long, expensive process). This is the process to remove a Board member from a seat. This process cannot be started until six (6) months after the new member of the Board is seated.

(3) Clarify the statute (also potentially a long, expensive process).  This can be done by contacting our State Legislators.

(4) Civil disobedience.  Demonstrate dissatisfaction of Matt Kopec on the School Board by appealing to the Chair of the School Board,writing letters, attending Board meetings, etc.

Personal Note from Felicia: 


Unfortunately, I will not have the opportunity to have your voice and your choice for me being a Member of the Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board.  Remember that it is your right to attend Call to the Audience and Speak up for the policies and practices that you would like to see in the District.

I want to say “THANK YOU!!” to everyone who signed a nomination petition (or the change.org petition), carried a nomination petition (or shared the change.org petition) and supported the Campaign.  I am sorry that my Hope in the World as being a Good place overshadowed my Understanding that People will use whatever means necessary to satisfy their Egos and have Power and Control over others.  

I will continue to do the work to help end systemic abuse of Power and Control.  If you are able to stand with me, and commit to helping end systemic domestic abuse, and changing our inequitable practices of Power, join me at an upcoming event.  Let us continue to speak up about the inequities we see, and continue the work for opportunities for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for Each of Us and All of Us.


Felicia ❤ 

For more information about Felicia and her work with the community, use the links below:

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”


What others are saying about Felicia Chew for Amphitheater School Board

Local community members and leaders have signed the petition to put Felicia Chew on the ballot for the Amphitheater Public School Board election on November 6, 2018!  Here’s what people are saying about Felicia Chew for Amphitheater School Board!

“Courageous woman, educator and leader with an authentic commitment to service and community. Given the opportunity to serve, Felicia Chew as a school board member will certainly bring about vitality, intelligence and forward mobility (for the benefit of Amphi students, etc.)!  If anyone can make a positive, progressive and impactful change in public education and for the Amphi citizenry, we need to choose Chew! Felicia Chew!”

Lucy LiBosha,  Tucson Educator and Community Member

“Residents of Amphi School District want quality candidates to choose from when it comes time to vote. That’s why they should be allowed the opportunity to choose Felicia Chew, a candidate with many years of experience in education, an ethic of service, and an inclusive sense of community. Trying to keep Felicia off the ballot is a disservice to the Amphi community.”

Karen Flores, Tucson Educator and Community Member

“Felicia Chew is an ally of education. She advocates on behalf of school communities, teachers and students throughout Tucson. Felicia is driven and compassionate about bettering our public education. The Amphi school board would greatly benefit from Felicia’s experience in the classroom and her commitment to strengthen our schools.”

Danielle Weiss, Tucson Educator and Community Member

“Felicia is a representative of the people
She is passionate and courageous and creative in pursuit of social justice and ending domestic violence she will work hard for the people she represents.”

Tom Mendola, Community Member

“Felicia will bring a sorta ying yang calmness to the board and parents. Felicia is about being aligned with what the children need and deserve, to know and believe that they are somebody. Felicia’s diversity is like a flashflood of knowledge and resources not leaving devastation but gushing through ignorance, self indulgence and illiteracy while depositing sustainable educational goals through compromise and honesty.”

Kathy Morrow, Community Member

“My mom should be on the school board because she has 20+ years of teaching experience. Not only is she my mom, but she was also my teacher. Every year I felt like my family was being extended because of lasting relationships she made with her students. Rarely do you see someone who cares so much, not only about her students, but about her community. Vote Felicia Chew!”

Joshua Samson, son of Felicia Chew

“I believe in Felicia Chew. She is above and beyond what Tucson needs in our community.”

Emery Nicoletti, signer of change.org petition to Judge

“I believe Felicia is a qualified and caring person who should be on the ballot!”

– Adam Kingery, signer of change.org petition to Judge

“Felicia is an amazing woman, mother, friend and leader in our community. She listens to people with the utmost attention and respect.”

Ivanna Ferra, signer of change.org petition to Judge

“We need educators on our school boards, not people that think they know what is happening with our education system.”

Stephanie Chavez, signer of change.org petition to Judge

“I think Felicia would make a excellent school board member.”

Sarah Gotschall, signer of change.org petition to Judge

“I believe in Felicia and her commitment to education.”

Gina Murphy-Darling, signer of change.org petition to Judge

“Felicia Chew is the change we need in local politics. She is honest and deserves a spot on the ballot.”

Karen Barto, signer of change.org petition to Judge

“Felicia is a wonderful, strong, wise woman with great integrity.”

Patricia Podgornik, signer of change.org petition to Judge

Read more at http://www.feliciachew.com/amphisupporters

They Cry “Racist, Rapist, and Sexist” but Here’s the HuNGOS (the Human Non-Glamourous Other Side): “Roots, Respect, and Idioms”

What the “News” Doesn’t Tell You — The Human Non-Glamorous Other Side (aka HuNGOS)


Todd Clodfelter’s family heritage involves the Confederate flag.  To him, it is not a symbol of hatred and racism.  It is a reminder of a childhood with southern roots.

If you read the articles, Todd Clodfelter apologized to the woman sitting behind him on the Legislative floor, and they came to an understanding.  It was ANOTHER woman who continued the complaint.

And it was yet another woman (Kirsten Engel, his Legislative counterpart) who stated: “Todd is not a racist.”


Yahya Yuksel had a single instance of a “he said-she said” allegation against him.  The fact that (she) has not come out in the open to press charges about the situation, when it is obvious that she would most likely “win” such a case at this time, should give *us* pause in passing judgment upon Yahya.

Yahya has been proclaimed as an abuser.  An abuser is someone who repeatedly causes harm, intentionally and maliciously, upon someone or someones. There is no repetition by Yahya.

Not many people realize that Yahya actually met with some of the women who were at his office on that Sunday.

Not many people realize that people who are abused can take on the role of being abusive.

Abuse is NOT okay. I do the work to end systemic domestic abuse, and I work with those who are survivors and victims to identify what will make things better.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) 75% of the population has not had to experience abuse. Unfortunately, of the 25% who have experienced it, they do not have the clarity to identify the changes in the system, including their own behaviors, to truly end the cycle of systemic abuse.

When we have a broken bone, it starts to heal. It may need to be broken again, because it is not healing properly.

That’s where we are on this track with domestic violence. The pendulum is swinging.

Yahya was late to enter the Congressional race.  Billy Kovacs was the youngest before Yahya entered.  I was supporting Billy (I was waffling between him, Mary Sally Matiella, and Bruce Wheeler).   Many of those who were outspoken and critical, and calling for Yahya to “Step down” were supporters of Billy.  Billy resonated with many of his supporters because he listens.  He cares.

But lack of experience with those who have experienced, or are experiencing trauma, and unresolved trauma, caused short-sightedness for many members of the community.  A whole boatload of crisis was in effect, and higher level thinking brains were cut off, and bodies and survival instincts kicked in and reacted.

Here’s the thing:  Yahya never attacked anyone who attacked him.  Yahya continued the race with style, grace, and ended the race with some pretty awesome handmade signs with great messaging.  And yes, Yahya has been in communication with (her).

It is of the utmost of importance that we set aside our preconceived notions, and what we *think* we know, with actual truth and evidence.  We must be wary of imposing our thoughts and fears upon others.   We must remember that we can only truly control our own selves, not the selves of others.


Mike Hicks received a phone call from the Superintendent’s Office telling him he needed to appear in Court in less than 24 hours.  No paperwork.  Just a phone call.  He appeared in Court.  Still no paperwork. (In fact, he did not ask for the paperwork, but I had asked for my paperwork, only to be denied it from the accusor’s representstive).  Mile was then told that he needed to return to Court in a week.  He stated that he had a Deseg meeting to attend on the suggested date.  He was told he would have to miss the meeting.  It was recommended that he get a lawyer.  He asked about the Public Defender’s Office.  He was told those lawyers are only for folks who are charged with a crime.

Side Note:  Anyone can make an allegation.  I also had my signatures challenged.  I made a motion to have my allegations dismissed, and gave a verbal explanation, while holding up several documents.  I was told that it needed to be in writing, and a ruling was made without prejudice to keep the case.  Side Note to the Side Note: I had received the notice to appear in Court less than 48 hours prior to my Court appearance.

The conversation after being in the Courtroom was informal. There were three of us.  Yours truly (who was in the same boat), Mike Hicks, and Hank Stephenson.  The conversation was about the rate of pay for a School Board member… Zero. Nada. Zilch.  It was about the climate of TUSD Board meetings…. Reported in the news and on social media as dysfunctional, confrontational, self-serving.  The use of an outdated idiom and urban myth – regarding women being on their periods, and was used to express the Board situation, and that maybe this was a blessing in disguise…. after all, there are currently other people seeking a spot on the Board, and there will still be a vote by the People, even if Mike is off of the ballot).  It was a private conversation. (Please note that there are MANY outdated idioms in use.  For one: “oriental”, which results in some Asians responding with great and animated offense: “I AM NOT A RUG!”).

What will change the use of outdated idioms and allegations upon allegations?  Attention and awareness; NOT name-calling, shaming, and blaming.


Ask yourself: “Self, who is spinning these stories?” Be a truthseeker. Ask questions

#QuestionAuthority #CourageousConversations #BeBrave #NoFear #SeekTheTruth

Learn more about ending systemic problems, starting with helping to end systemic domestic violence, at http://www.feliciachew.com


Felicia Chew, 2018 Candidate for Amphitheater Public School Board

General Philosophy
• I have filed as a candidate for Amphi School Board! Please “Vote Felicia Chew” on November 6, 2018, for Amphi School Board.
• As a mother, parent of an Amphi student, educator, and community member, I will work to ensure that policies and budget are appropriate and serving all students of our Amphi community.
• I will work to update outdated policies to ensure they are and effective and appropriate in supporting students, parents, and staff.
• I will work to increase services and reduce costs through community partnerships, and re-allocation of our budget as needed to support staff and students.
• I will support our school community through listening to, advocating for, and amplifying voices of each of us, and all of us.
• I will work to ensure that each Amphi student is safe and able to learn. I will work to ensure that staff is supported and accountable. I will work to ensure that our communities get return on our investment.

Personal and Family
• Felicia is a mom of three sons. Her oldest two sons attended public school in Davis, California as students at the Davis School for Independent Study, and also attended St. Anthony Indian School on the Zuni Indian Reservation. Her youngest son is currently a student at Amphi Middle School, after completing Grades K-5 at Holaway Elementary.
• Felicia served as Secretary on the St. Anthony Indian School PTO, and also as Secretary, Vice-President, and President on the Holaway Elementary School PTO.
• Felicia is a “mom” to over 1000 students in California, New Mexico, and Arizona over her 25 year career in education.
• Felicia is a survivor of domestic violence, and works as a crisis responder and also as a guest health assistant, trained in First Aid and CPR. She continues to work in the education system as a guest teacher and presenter on environmental sustainability practices, and domestic violence awareness, and ways to help end systemic domestic violence.

Accomplishments and Awards
• As a mother, Felicia spoke up about the summer meal program being cut. As a result of her efforts, the program was re-instated.
• As teacher representative, Felicia spoke up about needing healthier food choices for school meals, and LaCima became the recipient for the pilot Fruit and Veggie bar.
• As a teacher, Felicia applied for a technology grant and received digital cameras for her students, and for several arts grants, allowing her students to participate in local art presentations and activities. Felicia formed relationships with community members, and found creative ways to fundraise with her students to allow participation on field trips that were enjoyable and academic and social learning focused.
• As a community member, Felicia is hosting a Writing Challenge for students to understand that writing permeates through their classroom walls.
• Felicia was accepted as a Fellow with the Area 3 History and Cultures Project.
• Felicia received Teacher of the Year at St.Anthony Indian School.
• Felicia was selected as a recipient of a grant to provide educational and experiential programs and presentations to residents of Pima County.

Why I am Running for Public Office
• I am running for public office to bridge the gaps that so many policies and budget changes currently leave. I am working to be pro-active by taking the voices of many to design the best plans of actions to address our communities’ challenges.
• This is completed through having courageous conversations with all stakeholders, not just those who understand that policies and budgets affect each of us, and all of us, and are forging the way for our posterity.
• We are on a course that is not sustainable for the future. We are on a course that gentrifies our communities. Some slight changes (and some “strike alls) in practices and policies provides protections to each of us and all of us.

Goals if elected:
1. A voice for each member of the community.
2. Responsible spending.
3. Policies that allow each of us the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
4. Re-evaluating existing policies and procedures, for relevance and timeliness.

Achievements if elected:
1. Improved communication to and from the District and the community.
2. Increased sustainability practices and ownership of students.
3. Increased happiness.

Areas to concentrate on:
1. Community happiness and expectations.
2. Student happiness and expectations.
3. Community needs and resources.
4. Community partnership development and maintenance.
5. Personal and community rights and responsibilities.

On entering public service:
1. Commitment to accessibility.
2. Commitment to responsiveness.
3. Commitment to communication.

Opinion of other candidates:
• Each candidate has strengths and areas for contributing to the discussion and actions that are best for the community.
• Felicia hopes that voters will consider the direction they would like the community to move in, and choose the candidate who they believe will best allow the community to have success as they define it.
• Felicia encourages voters to look to the present and the future. Ask questions. Set aside doubts and fears. Have vision and courage.

Thanks for your support of our community!
#EachOfUs #AllOfUs #OurChildrenAreWatching #VoteOnNovember6 #VoteFeliciaChew

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without all of us, our picture is incomplete.”

Learn more about Felicia, her campaign, and her work in the community at http://www.feliciachew.com

*These guided questions were provided by vote-usa.org, as a free, community service to individuals seeking office. Visit their site, and learn more about other candidates seeking elected office!

“The Petition Is Meaningless” — At Least That Is What They Say

People have commented that the petition is meaningless.  Is it?  Does it not give a voice to the People who feel like they have no voice?  Couple that with the understanding that “You win some, you lose some,” and “You can always learn something from an experience,” and we develop strong character.

The petition is an example of the alternative strategies that I will work with the Board on implementing to help all students become successful, through developing policies that meet students and families where they are, and giving them opportunities and resources to help make things better for themselves and our community.

I understand that at the surface level, it may look like I am “cheating” or encouraging others to “cheat.” What we don’t recognize is the fact that current policies promote economic, social, political, gender, and cultural inequities.

I am running for School Board so that we can break the barriers of these inequities and help each of our students be successful.

458 people signed my nomination petitions, to show that they wanted to see my name on the ballot. Mr. Kopec allegated that at least 168 of my signatures were invalid. 105 signatures have been identified by the County Recorder’s Office as being invalid, based on their findings. We will be meeting with the Judge on Friday to discuss those findings, and the A.R.S.

Policies are what are keeping our hopes and visions from coming to fruition; the allocation of the budget is also hindrance.

As an Amphi Governing Board member, I will ensure that our policies and budget allow for alternative ways to reach goals.

We must remember that we are not all cut from the same mold, nor should we want to have cookie cutter kids. We have different perspectives, and that is what makes our community stronger.


August 22 Update: Vote Felicia Chew – Nominating Petitions Complaint

August 22 Update – A Message From Felicia Chew in response to the complaint filed regarding Ms. Chew’s nomination petition signatures for a seat on the Amphitheater Public School Board

Hello Friends,

I received a phone call yesterday from the Pima County Superintendent’s Office that in accordance with ARS 16-351, action against my nomination petition signatures has been filed, and I will be receiving a summons. The complaint was filed by one of my opponents.

While I am disappointed to have this action filed against me, I am not surprised.  These are the tactics that “politicians” use to “win” elections.  Many “politicians” see “winning” elected seats as a game.

In fact, a friend of mine asked me if I was going to file a countersuit.  My response: No.  I am not going to file a countersuit, because I am not playing a “game.”

These attempts at games are precisely why I am seeking a seat on the School Board – I am seeking a seat on the Board to update outdated policies that allow practices that distract and waste money.

I am including some information below regarding the situation, and I will write another update when I have more information.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or other feedback, via the contact page on this site, email, phone/text, or Facebook.

Continuing to press on for our students and community,

❤ Felicia

“I am seeking a seat on the Amphitheater Public School Board to set policies that end practicies of bullying, shaming, harrassment, and distraction.”  –Felicia Chew, Candidate Amphitheater Public School Board

A Conversation Between The “Game” of Life and Felicia Chew

The Game of Life As Is (GoLAI):  Many American games end up with one “winner.”  Those who do not “win” are all called “losers”.

Felicia’s Response:  This very basic concept demonstrates the difference between myself and many members of our community.  Many community members have an “us” versus “them” mentality.  “We” are better than “them”.  “We” must help “them”. “We” must “lead” “them”.  I don’t follow suit.

I believe that each of us does the best that we can. I believe that we are each capable of success with a hand up (empathy-empowerment), not a hand out (compassion-coddling).  I believe that we work together, while working independently.  I believe that we are each a piece of the puzzle of life; without each of us, our picture is incomplete.

GoLAI: “Doing the best that (they) can” is exactly why we must step.  We are one of the lowest ranked states in the Nation when it comes to Education.

Felicia’s Response: I believe that stepping up means giving individuals the hand up that they need… not the hand up that we think they need.

“I am seeking a seat on the Amphitheater Public School Board to allow individuals to seek success without fear of being bullied or shamed for choosing innovative responses to existing challenges and problems.”  – Felicia Chew, Candidate for Amphitheater Public School Governing Board

For more information about Felicia and her work with the community, use the links below:

Donate $3 to Help Save Golden Pin Lanes

Donate $3 to help save Golden Pin Lanes!


The County wants to replace the functioning profiting small business Golden Pin Lanes, LLC with county social services offices including an STD clinic, and adult and juvenile probation.

Harvard Professor Putnam’s book “Bowling Alone” tells us the following factoids:

* Joining and participating in one group cuts in half your odds of dying next year.

* Every ten minutes of commuting reduces all forms of social capital by 10%

We are asking for $3 or more donations from just 330,000 Tucsonans (or sponsors from other communities) for the month of September.

We can help improve our community by treating the symptoms, or the root cause. We can proactively create a healthier and happier community and move forwards together; or we can continue to play catch-up. The choice is yours.

Thank you for being one of the 330,000 to donate just $3 for September!

Learn more about this Project at http://www.feliciachew.com/savegoldenpinlanes


#SaveGoldenPinLanes Plan of Action

Goal:  In order to #SaveGoldenPinLanes, we must raise $3.5million by December 20.

With 1 million individuals living in Tucson and the surrounding areas, the price to save the bowling center is $3.50 per individual.

Our goal is to have 330,000 individuals donate just $3/each for the months of September, October, and November.

Why #SaveGoldenPinLanes?

1. Bowling centers build community and relationships, resulting in fewer crimes.

2. Golden Pin Lanes is an historic bowling center in the heart of Miracle Mile, the Gateway to Tucson.

3. Fun and affordable for community members of all ages!

  • Families who live in the area are able to afford quality indoor entertainment at affordable prices.
  • Teens are able to afford quality indoor entertainment at affordable prices.
  • Older people are able to afford quality indoor entertainment at affordable prices.
  • School-aged children can participate in bowling programs through their school and during the summer months.

Ways You Can Participate in Raising Funds for Saving Golden Pin Lanes:

1. Donate.  Felicia Chew Community Projects is collecting funds to #SaveGoldenPinLanes.  Instructions for donating are available at www.feliciachew.com/support.  In the memo line, include #SaveGoldenPinLanes

2. Walk A Mile.  Join us in walking a mile on the first Saturday of each month at Jacobs Park.  Registration and pre-walk activities begin at 8am.  The walk begins at 9:30am.  Special quarterly events to celebrate the Writing Challenge winners!

3. Tell a Friend.  Friends don’t have to live in the Tucson area to help #SaveGoldenPinLanes.   Have you heard of the ripple effect?  Stronger community in one area of our country creates stronger community in other areas.

For updates, subscribe to this blog, bookmark www.feliciachew.com/savegoldenpinlanes, and follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/saveourtucson

Thank you for caring! ❤ 


Press Release – Tucson Zines Writing Challenge

Tucson Zines



  • Felicia Chew, Editor, Tucson Zines
  • 520.909.3888
  • feliciachew19@gmail.com



Submissions are now being accepted for the Tucson Zines #SpeakUp Writing Challenge (www.feliciachew.com/challenge).

Tucson Zines is a Felicia Chew Community Projects project, whose mission is to end systemic domestic violence.  Too often, community members become victims of domestic violence because our community is afraid to #SpeakUp.  Tucson Zines #SpeakUp Writing Challenges provide students with the opportunity to build the habit of speaking up.

For more information about ending systemic domestic violence, visit http://www.feliciachew.com/enddv


Vote Felicia Chew – Facts to Consider (August 11 Update)

August 11, 2018 Update:  

I am running for School Board because I have seen first hand how policies and budget affect our students, staff, and community.  I will be the voice to ensure that policies and budget support the best programs for each of our students.

Thank you and good news!

  • Thank you for your nominations!
  • Thank you friends for helping to spread the word that I am running for Amphi School Board!
  • Together, we collected 458 signatures.  Seven of the signatures were from folks who lived outside of the Amphitheater School District boundary, so we had a grand total of 451 signatures (the required number of signatures for Amphitheater was 392)… we submitted 59 more signatures than were required (11.9% more than required).  I believe in a fair and equitable race, giving others opportunity to collect nominating signatures as well.

Now that we are on the ballot, please help spread the word about why I am the best candidate for ensuring we have the best policies and budget for helping each of our students succeed!

As the campaign season progresses, here are some facts to keep in mind:

Fact 1.  This is a contested race.  There are three candidates and only two seats. Ask yourself why the candidates want to fill those seats.

Fact 2. You might hear that candidates are not “viable” because they do not raise enough money, or do not collect enough signatures.  Ask yourself why these conversations are happening.

Fact 3.  Voters can only sign as many nominating petitions as there are open seats.  The first signatures count.  Ask yourself why candidates want to collect more than a 10% margin for errors.

Fact 4. Candidates can pay “canvassers” to collect signatures for them. Ask yourself what this means to the candidate who is connected with the community,  but not connected to a sugar daddy (or sugar mama).  P.S. I have been a paid canvasser in the past — imagine getting paid to do something you would otherwise volunteer to do!

Fact 5. Candidates can challenge other candidates’ signatures, and try to “knock them off the ballot”.  Ask yourself why a candidate would want to silence the voices of “x” for the mistakes of “y”.

Fact 6. People have reasons (agendas) for wanting particular candidates in particular seats.  Ask yourself why someone is supporting a particular candidate.

Fact 7. School Board members should first represent the children in the School District.  Putting the children first means getting the best services for children… in support through staff, services, and systems.  Ask yourself who the candidate is putting first.

Fact 7. Funds raised for campaigning go to sharing about the candidate.  Ask yourself how candidates use their campaign funds.   Ask yourself what else those funds could be used for (like purchasing a bowling center — an existing benefit to the community that is at risk of being turned into office buildings).

Fact 9. Some candidates will present information about other candidates, under the guise of “protecting the public.”  Ask yourself why the candidate is attacking someone else.  Ask yourself if that candidate spoke to the other candidate.  Go talk to the candidate. Be patient.  The candidate might be surprised at the confusion and backlash.  Remember that words have different meanings to different people, depending on their upbringing and experiences.  For example, the word “dog” may remind you of sweet cuddly Fifo and bring you happy memories.  To others, the word “dog” may bring back memories of a loved one being mauled by a dog.  To another, the word “dog” might bring back sadness at having recently lost their dog.  Remember to take actions according to the context.  We would all prefer that gifts, like chocolate chip cookies, are handed to us.  But imagine that a pack of wild dogs was chasing yoir friend.  You have a plate of chocolate chip cookies.  The dogs are chasing your friend because they are hungry. Throw the cookies.  Throw them now.

Fact 10.  I am running for School Board because I have seen first hand how policies and budget affect our students, staff, and community.  I will be a voice that ensures that policies and budget support the best programs for each of our students.

“When it’s time to vote, Chew’s (choose) the right Candidate! Felicia Chew for integrity and commitment for each of our students.”

#YourChoice  #YourVoice  #OurChildren  #VoteFeliciaChew

Learn more about Felicia at www.feliciachew.com/amphi and at www.facebook.com/chewfortucson

Donate to the Campaign at www.feliciachew.com/support2  (Note: The link will be closed when the goal of $1000 is reached).