Felicia Chew is a mom, teacher of 20+ years, advocate, and founder of “CHEW FOR TUCSON… chew on ideas, chew on food, ‘chew’s’ wisdom because our children are watching.”

As a leader in education who is committed to the quality of life for children in the community, Felicia has been active in helping Tucson’s Parks and Rec Kidco program succeed, strengthening the wonderful resource of Valley of the Moon, and has worked as a leader in the Tucson Education Association. 

Inspired by some challenging life experiences, Felicia is committed to protecting women in our community as she served on the City of Tucson’s Citizen Police Advisory Review Board and is trained as a victim advocate

With expertise in sustainability and water issues, Felicia is committed to making renewable energy, community gardens and water harvesting accessible to all and she has innovative ideas for creating more green space in our community.

A community for each of us – for all of us.  #OurTucson!

Our Events page provides more information about Felicia and her work in the community.  Come meet Felicia in person!


  1. What efforts would you make to improve Tucson City streets? Would you work to create temporary housing for the Tucson homeless on the streets?


    1. Yes. I will work to create housing programs for our homeless neighbors.

      Yes, I will focus efforts on improving city streets. “Complete streets are green streets” — this is one of the mottos for the Watershed Management Group. Local water/sustainability guru Brad Lancaster, and numerous groups in Tucson such as Living Streets Alliance have also been working to improve Tucson streets.

      I will work with and support successful models, for example: increasing pedestrian and bicycle friendly paths, improving transit, maximizing environmentally sustainable streets and roads, protecting wildlife, increasing opportunities for public art, and strengthening city street projects by increasing accessibility to programs such as the City’s current Stormwater Harvesting program, reducing energy cost and increasing savings.

      Improved city streets are better for Tucsonans, our economy, and our environment.


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