“I am running for Amphitheater Governing Board 2018 — to ensure that policies and processes in the District allow for excellence, in all areas of personal and community development, including social, personal, emotional, and psychological development.”


Felicia was a part of the Project Ignite panel, organized by the Oro Valley Youth Advisory Council and Indrani Solomon’s company, where we shared stories and discussed the need to be Vulnerable.

Felicia wrote in a recent Facebook post: “One of my hopes is that we as a community can re-define what is “good”. I believe that through conversations and education, we can create a community (and world) that is “good” for all of us — to do so, we must be inclusive, which leads to a sustainable community for future generations.

I am running for Amphitheater Governing Board 2018 — to ensure that policies and processes in the District allow for excellence, in all areas of personal and community development, including social, personal, emotional, and psychological development.”

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“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.”


Gun Control vs. Gun Sense


Re-post of a comment I made on a Facebook thread:

Lots of people are saying to take guns away. There is a difference between gun control and gun sense.

Both sides have something in common: Fear.

I am concerned with the blaming and finger pointing that will come into play next.

It is one reason that I do not attend marches (yes, there was finger pointing, name calling, and blaming at the marches; many of the marches were labeled protests).

Already, fingers are pointed at “absent fathers”(I watched a video yesterday by a Doctor who blamed the absent fathers for the boys’ shooting sprees). The fingers *should* be working to identify why the fathers are absent.

People are shouting for gun control. People should be advocating for gun sense.

Accidents happen, so what can we do to prevent them? (Clarification/Update: No, I am not suggesting that the shootings were accidental, but I am stating that gun shooting “accidents” are preventable, and can be reduced through gun sense, such as teaching children how to use guns and securing guns)

Stop the blaming, shaming, and guilt tripping.

Let’s find real solutions through building relationships, and working with our friends and neighbors as who we are — individuals.

#EachOfUs #AllOfUs #SpeakUp #Listen #StopTheBlamingAndShaming

Follow-Up Comment:

It is a muti-faceted issue, that can be addressed through having relationships with others.

Policies should be for *we, the people* — for #AllOfUs.

Our policy making process could benefit from a change that allows consideration from all peoples, not just some people.

I have spoken with many people who believe that they are unable to vote because of past felony convictions.

Our current solution for Domestic Violence is an ineffective Diversion program.

Unfortunately, many people choose to do what is easiest — not what is best.

We can do better.  We must do better.

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.”

Lesson Thirty-One: Transit Buddies

We talk about helping one another with a hand-up, not a hand out.  The Transit Buddies system allows for community members helping community members.

Transit Buddies!  There are lots of people who want to ride the bus, but aren’t sure how to ride the bus.  Increase ridership, and increase the economy for the bus.

In addition, a transit buddy program includes the benefits of:

  • Helping transit drivers being able to stay focused on driving, while the transit buddies answer questions from riders.
  • Increased safety for transit riders.  University campuses have “campus escort” systems that provide safe passage while on campus.  Our Transit system can provide the same courtesy for transit riders.
  • Providing the foundation for giving back to those in the community who give their time to the community.
  • Building self-confidence in community members.
  • Building relationships between community members.
  • Helping with the affordability of riding the transit system.
  • Helping community members feel valued, and a piece of this puzzle of life.

Video by Laura Fuchs (Tucson, Arizona)  Thank you, Laura, for supporting the Transit Buddies project!

Lesson Twenty-Five: Red Hat

Lesson Twenty-Five:  Red Hat

A woman rode into town one morning with a beautiful, magnificent, slendorific, amazing hat upon her head.  Clip clop clip clop clip clop went the horse’s hooves.  And the villagers, so full of gossip, were of course standing at the entrance of the village, in two straight columns along the sides of the rode, as the woman rode between them.

They watched her (more specifically her hat) as she (it) rode through town, until they could see her (it) no more.  Then, the excited conversation began:  “That was an amazingly gorgeous brilliant ruby red on that hat!  I have never seen anything quite like it!”  But across the road, the conversation was quite different:  “That was a beautiful dazzling blue, deeper than the blue of the sea, and brighter than the blue of the sky!”

Eventually, the two groups became aware of the other’s comments.  “It was blue!” they shouted.  “It was red!” came the response.  “Blue!” “Red!” “Blue!” “Red!” “Blue!” “Red!” “Blue!” “Red!” “Blue!” “Red!” “Blue!” “Red!” “Blue!” “Red!” “Blue!” “Red!” and throughout the day they argued, taking shifts to eat there morning snack, their lunch, their afternoon snack, so their argument could continue: “Blue!” “Red!” “Blue!” “Red!” “Blue!” “Red!” “Blue!” “Red!”  And it did continue, throughout the afternoon, into the evening when they heard the woman and her horse coming back from business toward them at the entrance to the town.

The arguing stopped.

All eyes were eagerly anticipating the hat (and the woman).  Not a one spoke as it (and she) rode out of town.

Then there was a stunned silence.

“How could…”  “Did you see…” “I thought…” “Wait a minute…”

You see, half of the woman’s hat was blue, while the other half was red.  Depending on the perspective of the villager, the hat looked completely different.

There is no right and no wrong.  It is all based on perspective.  Someone who is color-blind may have seen the hat a different color.  In fact, how do we know that what we call “red” is what another person also sees as “red”?

Until we recognize that the Red Hat is only a Red Hat when we see it from that perspective, and until we stop shaming and blaming others for “not seeing it correctly” — we will have the same problems that we have now.

Let us listen for explanation. Let us seek to hear, not just respond.  Let us be patient enough for the other person to be able to speak and share their story.  #RedHatBlueHat #Perspective #StopArguing

Say No to Hidden Gentrification


Barrio Viejo/Barrio Historico in Tucson face some development challenges

Monday, March 12th 2018, 6:27 pm MST by Bud Foster


In Silicon Valley, with the boom of Google, etc, homes are selling for a million dollars (literally). My parents have been in the same home for 50 years. They were grandfathered in to property taxes, BUT restricted from making any “improvements”.


I vote for areas that are accessible to foot traffic, bicycles, public transportation, etc (think Cyclovia), where street parking is limited.

I vote for a land use plan that focuses on greenspaces for community use.

I vote for housing plans that support affordable housing with affordable maintenance

I vote for street plans that focus on green streets, not patching streets.

I vote for an economic infrastructure incentive that supports local businesses with (1) resources to help them be successful; (2) educational components to the community that demonstrate why and how supporting local businesses benefits the local economy.


I also don’t like what I have been reading about the City selling lots of land parcels. The City can maintain ownership of the land, have builders build on the land, and tenants pay the City a reasonable fee for use of the land, creating a source of revenue for the City.



Locally run bed and breakfasts, utilizing employees who are “down on their luck” and need a hand-up, or are in job training programs (e.g. JobPath, and JTED).

Tucson still has enough charm, that it would appeal to visitors who could choose these places to stay at (over corporate hotels).

Of course, they would need to be marketed appropriately, and partnerships with local restaurants, artists, shopping would be helpful to success.


City Council needs a membership of individuals with varied life experiences and perspectives, who will advocate for #EachOfUs and #AllOfUs.


Tucsonans, please register to vote, and be sure to vote in elections!

You can register to vote online at:

Your rights *can* be restored:

Remember:  We do the best that we can.  We have all made poor choices, but when we serve our consequences, we get to start fresh.

I am sorry if there are people in your life who try to hold your past against you.  I believe in you!

We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.”