Connect with Felicia Chew

Felicia instructs a student in origami at a Coyote Trails Elementary Family Night

Felicia believes that building relationships through active listening, clarification questions, and sharing stories helps create a happier, healthier community, with individuals who accept personal and social responsibility.

Felicia also believes that “we don’t know if we don’t ask”.

If you have an event or gathering for yourself or your group, Felicia would appreciate the opportunity to attend to get to know you and your group better.

Felicia can be reached via email at, and by phone/text at 520.909.3888.

Felicia looks forward to getting to know you, and learning your perspective,  because she believes that we are each a piece of the puzzle of life,  and without each of us, our picture is incomplete.

You can also subscribe to Felicia’s blog, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, or join her at a First Fridays with Felicia Event or at a Walk-a-Mile event to Help End Systemic Domestic Violence!

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