HaHoHiT / ECHOES app

What is HaHoHiT/ECHOES?

The HaHoHiT / ECHOES App uses an augmented reality game-based platform to engage community members and increase economic vitality in impoverished areas.

The concept of this game combines the wisdom of an educator, the passion of a historian, and the expertise of a successful local businessman.

It considers, the past, present, and fututes of communities.

Join us on this adventure!

The Team:

  • Felicia Chew, Project Manager. Felicia is a mother and an educator in Arizona, California, the Zuni Indian Reservation, and New Mexico.
  • Hanson Fotherby, Research and Outreach.  Hanson is passionate about helping his neighborhood return to a state of economic vitality.  He has been an active part of the Oracle area Revitalization Project and is working to identify how historic tours may benefit the community.
  • Howard Ward, Advisor.  Howard owns a successful local small business, focused on map technology.  He has been working closely with Hanson Fotherby on documenting and explaining the historic value found in central Tucson neighborhoods.
  • James Cotellesse, Technical Advisor.  James is an accomplished game development programmer and team leader with a decade of training and experience with the type of technology we will be employing.