Vote Felicia Chew – Policies

Photo by Nicci Radhe

NOTE: Hyperlinks not working? Replace the “feliciachew” with “chewfortucson.wordpress” in the address. Much love and appreciation to WordPress who has hosted this site since 2017. CHEWfor Tucson was originally created when Felicia Chew campaigned politically, recognizing that policies hold the key to many of the problems in the Tucson community. However, in an effort for name recognition for the ballots, the domain name “feliciachew” was purchased and linked to ChewForTucson And for whatever reason, the feliciachew portion which substituted the ChewForTucson is no longer working. CHEW stands for Compassion, Humanity, Empathy, and Wisdom; or Creativity, Humanity, Empathy, Wisdom. Kalamajong/Felicia


Bookmark this page and check back to see what Felicia will work towards as member of Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board regarding Policies and Processes!

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Policies – Language (Native)