2019 Presenters, Vendors, and Sponsors

We are excited to share a safe space with the following individuals, groups, and organizations for the 2019 Domestic Violence Awareness Series on October 7, 13, 14, 22, and 29 at The Screening Room (127 E Congress):

20180728_162244Al Perry.  Resources.  Local Musician.

FB_IMG_1565958112733April Barbosa. What Is DV; Resources; What YOU Can Do. Surviving Family Member. Founder Justice for Rosaura and Rosaura’s Angels

IMG_20190630_110052541Black Bottom. Vendor/What YOU Can Do.  Upcycled Wine Bottles and More by Artist Kathy Morrow

FB_IMG_1565958013578.jpgCarrie Levesque.  Resources; What YOU Can Do.  Community Member connecting people through Art.


Charles Heller.  Resources.  Personal Safety Advocate, Local radio show host on AM 1030.

Swap Shop radio, Sundays 10 AM – Noon MST on AM 1030, KVOI, Tucson. Buy , sell , or trade anything you want live on the radio. The unregulated (except by common sense) free market in action.

Liberty Watch, then America Armed & Free, Sundays 12:03 to 2 PM MST, right after Swap Shop


Courtwatch.  Resources. Facebook.com/keepthedate


Emerge!  Resources.  Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse provides domestic abuse crisis intervention and housing, prevention, education, support, and advocacy services to anyone experiencing domestic abuse. While the majority of the people seeking our services are women and their children, our services are available to anyone regardless of gender.


Felicia Chew. What Is DV; Survivors; Resources; What YOU Can Do. DVAS Coordinator.  Founder Felicia Chew Community Projects and Domestic Violence Support Services. Survivor; Advocate

received_2352533688300760Gabbie Anderson. Survivors.  Domestic abuse survivor. Community Member.


Jason LeValley.  Resources; What YOU Can Do. Downtown Tucson Radio. 99.1FM.

IMG_2427.jpgJenna Herder. Resources; Survivors.  Owner Combat Krav Maga: Unit 545.  Domestic violence survivor; Survivors’ advocate; Women’s advocate.

Jessica Escobedo.  What Is DV.   Surviving Family Member. Community Member.

FB_IMG_1565059956383John Archuleta.  What is DV.  Friend of Victim. Community Member.  John is an advocate against physical violence in relationships. Following the death of his best friend at the hands of an abusive partner, he has chosen to honor her memory by reaching out to others who are struggling to leave or dealing with the trauma of abusive relationships.  John writes:  “Cassy was a beautiful soul and I miss her everyday.  If you are going through anything similar to what she experienced, know that you are not alone.”

20190319_135433Kathy Morrow.  Survivors.

Kuuleme Stephens.  Resources. Court Processes.

Laura Galland.  What YOU Can Do.  Graduate U of A Law School.

Pima County Attorney’s Office, Victim Services Division.  Resources; What YOU Can Do  Provides resources and support to victims of crime in Pima County, including domestic violence victims.


Robin Motzer.  What YOU Can Do. Advocate, fundraiser, artist, writer and poet. She works with several non-profits and co-leads a group who introduced “Organic First” land management in Tucson and Pima County to reduce pesticide and herbicide use. She is currently working on a film about the preeminence of nature and a book about bullying, harassment & scapegoating.

20190319_144525Rosemary Bolza. What is DV. Community Member.  Captain (retired) United States Public Health Service; RN, Certified Nurse Midwife, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.  Sexual violence is a health and economic problem that affects everyone.

Sat Bir Kaur Khalsa.  What YOU Can Do. Non- violence advocate.

20190104_202824.jpgSharon Clair.  Survivors.


Tony Mosley.  What YOU Can Do. M.Ed. is a certified counselor with over 15 years of experience. He comes from a diverse background as his career consists of personal development workshops, film/television/stage acting, professional disc jockey/emcee, college athlete and coach. As a certified meditation instructor, his experience has led him to develop Breath Of Life as a means to address student behavior and support educators with classroom management. Tony’s work has proven results as education leaders continue to seek him out to provide guidance and support to their academic communities. Breath Of Life is a transformative experience and Tony’s work in this area continues to impact students and educators  in a very powerful way.


Domestic Violence Support Services

Downtown Tucson Radio

The Screening Room


Felicia Chew Community Projects

Zero Miles to Empty

Thanks for joining us!

Learn more about what you can do to help end systemic domestic violence at http://www.feliciachew.com/enddv