Help Collect 400 Signatures


Felicia Chew – “When a kindergartener gives you a mustache, you put it on” (Tucson, AZ)


Hi Friends!

In order for my name to be on the ballot, I need to collect 400 nomination signatures (aka petition signatures).  Click here to read about why I am running for Governing Board.  After reading, I hope you choose to help collect signatures.   Here is what you need to do:

  1. Print the petition (below) on to 8 1/2 × 11 paper (horizontally).
  2. Print the map (below).
  3. Buy a pack of 3 x 5 index cards (available at the Dollar Tree for a dollar + tax).  This is the information follow-up card, where individuals will write the following information neatly (you can offer to write it):
    • Name;
    • Mailing address (you can offer to copy it from the petion later);
    • Email address (for email reminders about when to vote, and communicating with me – let them know I will send them an email with my contact information, and a newsletter will come out around the fourth Friday of each month);
    • Phone number (and if it can receive texts);
    • + (a plus symbol and something they like about the schools);
    • ◇ (actually a triangle which is the delta symbol which means change and something  they would like to see changed at the schools).
  4. Get a clipboard (optional, and useful, and also available at the Dollar Tree for a dollar + tax).
  5. Buy a puzzle with a lot of pieces (optional, but fun! also available at the Dollar Tree for a dollar + tax).
    • This is for giving to people you talk with.  Give them a piece and tell them, “You are a piece of the puzzle of life!” 🙂  Let them know that they are invited to the Monterey Court Gallery (505 W Miracle Mile) on November 4, 2018 between 5p-8p to put their piece together with other pieces from the puzzle!
  6. Ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives (including the people at your grocery store, church, your child’s school, and the park) to sign the petition!  Some notes about/for the individuals signing:
    • They need to be registered voters and they can register online at
    • They can be registered with any party (this is a non-partisan seat);
    • They must live within the boundaries of the school district (I will inquire about families who might be open-enrolled);
    • They can sign a maximum of two nominating petitions for candidates in the Amphi Race.
  7. Say thank you! 🙂
    1. Let them know they can contact me through :
    2. Facebook: @ChewForTucson;
    3. E-mail:;
    4. Phone/Text: 520.909.3888.
  8. Contact me (using one of the above methods), or simply come join me at a “First Fridays With Felicia” or a Calendar event, and we will meet-up!

Here is the petition (click here for a downloadable PDF):



Here is the map (Click here for a downloadable link):


Thank you!

🙂 Felicia

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.”