Social Media Projects

We have several Projects on Social media.  Use the links below to connect to them, then like and follow your favorite Felicia Chew Social Media Community Projects:

  • Think!  We have forgotten to think and how to listen. Some of us don’t know how to think. Some of us don’t know how to listen. We all have the capacity to think
  • SpeakUp Abuse is hurtful, controlling, disrespectful words or actions. Speak up. (Domestic violence education and advocacy)
  • City Issues and Events   A place to learn more about issues affecting our community. On this page, please: – Ask questions. There are no dumb questions. – Speak respectfully. People of all ages should be able to visit this page. – Be mindful. Listen to what others say, be open to new perspectives. Our children are watching, and our choices affect their futures. #EveryVoteMatters (Social and Political Issues)
  • Chew For Tucson   Share your recipes, stories, and perspectives with our community.
  • Felicia Chew Community Projects  Building bridges and relationships by sharing stories, art, and perspectives. Creating Community for #EachOfUs #AllOfUs #OurFuture #EmpathyEquityEmpowerment
  • Felicia Chew Tutoring Services  Sliding scale and free tutoring services.  #PayItForwardIfYouCan
  • STEM for all  Identifying solutions to problems via a STEM Plus lens. Using STEM Plus principles to design effective solutions for all problems.
  • Ms. Chew  The purpose of life? Learning from one another and discovering our passion.
  • Tucson Tweenzine   A zine for kids ages 9-12
  • Tucson Quilt Project   We are each a piece of this puzzle of life. Without each of us, our puzzle is incomplete. The Tucson Quilt Project – by Tucsonans – for #OurTucson.

We are also on Twitter! @Feliciachew19