Chat With Chew


**Chat with Chew is on break until further notice**

At the Tucson Mall:  Chat with Chew was held every Sunday from 8a-9a at the Tucson Mall Food Court!  So many yummy food places to check out!

Discussion was focused on the questions of What do you like about the community?  What concerns do you have about the community? What actions would you like to see in our community?


What’s Chat With Chew?

Chat with Chew began in 2017, originally taking place from 1 to 2 in various spaces around the community,  as a way for Felicia Chew Community Projects founder (Felicia Chew) to learn more about the needs of Tucson during Felicia’s 2017 City Council Campaign.  It continued as an opportunity for building connection within the community.  The most recent Chat with Chew Series was held after the weekly 7am Walk-A-Mile or More!

Helpful Information:

  • The Mall opens on Sundays at 11am; workers come in during the early morning hours.
  • Restrooms open, the water fountain available, the lights on, and security in the area.
  • This was a free event.

Bring a friend!

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