Felicia Chew Community Projects Overview

…working to end systemic domestic violence by building relationships, sharing stories, and wisdom

…educating and empowering Tucsonans to #SpeakUp and Speak Out…

(L-R) Felicia Chew and Rissa Biagi tabling for Felicia Chew Community Projects. Can you contribute to their efforts and the efforts of the Projects?

The following Projects work to end the cycle of systemic domestic violence.

We believe that the cycle of systemic domestic violence perpetuates for many reasons, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Lack of understanding
  • Lack of empathy
  • Lack of empowerment
  • Stigmas
  • Shaming
  • Blaming
  • Court processes
  • Corrections processes
  • Economic duress
  • Lack of effective social services
  • Lack of responsibility and accountability
  • Outdated (and non-trauma informed) policies, processes, and practices
  • Inefficient (and insufficient) budgets
  • Inefficient (and ineffective) supervisorial efforts and actions.

We believe the cycle of systemic domestic violence can be broken by many methods, including, but not limited to:

  • Updating and improving systems
  • Breaking the stigma
  • Stopping the blaming
  • Stopping the shaming
  • Updated policies
  • Closing gaps in Court processes
  • Closing gaps in support services for victims, survivors, and perpetrators of domestic violence
  • Providing opportunities for building relationships in the community

To that end, we licensed the small business Felicia Chew Community Projects on January 1, 2018, to be an umbrella to several Projects working toward ending the cycle of systemic domestic violence, connecting with local resources and efforts to create a happier and healthier community for each of us and all of us — not just some of us.

Click here for a list of Action Groups dedicated to making things better for our communities

The Adventures of Happy Joy. Join Happy Joy in her adventures in New Mexico through story and song!  Happy Joy has new adventures and new friends in Tucson.  Help those adventures come to life by becoming a sponsor of Felicia Chew Community Projects!


Black Bottom  The Black Bottom Project is under the direction of artist Kathene Morrow.  Ms. Morrow’s creations are upcycled, and funds from the sales of these products help end systemic domestic violence.

Border Patrol Stories and Citizen’s Academy.

Casa Libre 500 Sonnets

“Never doubt what a small committed group can accomplish.” – Margaret Mead

“When people talk, listen.  Most people never listen.” – Ernest Hemingway

Chat With Chew.  An opportunity to chat about what can be done to create a happier and healthier community.

CFT Cover
Chew For Tucson.  The Chew for Tucson Project invites Tucsonans to “chew on ideas, chew on food, and chew’s (choose) wisdom because our children are watching.”  Share recipes and traditional stories to share perspectives in our community!

Citizen Police Advisory Review Board – Past Chair   Facebook Page of information and reflections on Law Enforcement

City Issues and Events  Facebook Page of Issues and Events relevant to residents of Tucson, Arizona and Pima County.

Civic Engagement:  
    – Vote Felicia Chew (2020);    –Vote Felicia Chew for Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board 2018;
–Precinct 57 PC (Precinct Committeeperson);
–Chew for Ward 3 Council (2017 Campaign)

*NEW* Create A Square Half-Day and Full-Day Writing Camps


Domestic Violence Support Services

FCCP profile pic
Envision Tucson Sustainable Quilt.  The ETS Quilt Project inaugurated at the Envision Tucson Sustainable 2017 Festival, and was the first gathering of quilt squares for the Tucson Quilt Project.  Tucsonans responded to the question: “What does sustainability look like – to you in Tucson?”

Felicia Chew Creations.  Art, Gift Cards, Gifts

Felicia Chew Tutoring Services
Felicia Chew Tutoring Services

The FM (Felicia Memes) Project, empowering others through creating our own memes!


Felicia Products. Gifts for yourself or a friend!  Handmade cards, bookmarks, magnets, mousepads, rucky fish, salsa, and socks!

*Felicia Products is the 1st pre-generation of Felicia Chew Creations, birthed in California in 1985

First Fridays with Felicia.  We have many gaps between policies, processes, and people. Come engage in courageous conversations, ask questions, and share perspectives so we can make Tucson better for #EachOfUs #AllOfUs. #OurTucson

Photo_1527511799667Help End Systemic Domestic Violence Fundraiser Events


Help End Systemic Domestic Violence

“Jesus is a Cowboy: a Musical”.  Art: “Ponderer” by Felicia Chew (acrylic on canvas)

#OurTucson Little Book Series “Education is key and it begins with me!”  We must share stories with our youth, especially in this time of transition to increased technology, amd decreased real-life interaction.  The first little book series “The Adventures of Happy Joy”, published in 2010 under hcfproducts, is resurfacing, and we invite you to be a part of the #OurTucson Little Books series, by becoming a sponsor or advertiser.

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Miracle Mile Car Show.  Come join the fun at the Miracle Mile Car Show, co-hosted by Golden Pin Lanes and the City of Tucson’s Oracle Area Revitalization Project!  Thank you to Local Ward 3 resident Hanson Fotherby, for his dedication to helping revitalize #OurTucson

Project Ignite was a success!!! Thank you to all ofhellipProject Ignite. A storytelling event, the first in its series, engaging youth in hard conversations relating to human connections and our inner emotions by learning from ordinary members who are doing extraordinary work in our community.

Raising Arizona.  Protect children from systemic violence and abuse in current systems.

Safe Space Project (Pie, Felicia)
Safe Space Project (Pie, Felicia)


Save Golden Pin Lanes


SpeakUp  Facebook page that works to empower victims and survivors of systemic domestic violence, and educates those who choose to support the empowerment of victims and survivors of systemic domestic violence.


Stop Gentrification – Save #OurTucson

Suicide Prevention – Team #OurTucson Come join Team #OurTucson and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!

The Journey


Think  Facebook page that encourages our selves and our community to be complex and creative thinkers.

FCCP quilt
Tucson Quilt Project.  A quilt that asks for Tucsonans to share passions, what makes Tucsonans unique, and what Tucsonans love about Tucson.  The quilts will be displayed throughout Tucson in local businesses to encourage Tucsonans to get out into the community, and build relationships.

Tucson Zines. Tweenzine for ages 10-13; Teenzine for ages 14-17.  These publications about Tucson allow teens and tweens to speak out through word, art, and music.  *Transitioning to partnering with Tucson Buzz


Tucson Zines #SpeakUp Challenge for Students in Grades 5-12


WakeUp Tucson. Felicia chats with KVOI’s Chris DeSimone on 1030AM about local politics, business, entertainment, food, and life.


Walk A Mile For #OurTucson (aka Walk A Mile or More at the Tucson Mall)

Click here to support teens, tweens, victims and survivors of domestic violence, and to help build a stronger community!

Felicia Chew Community Projects (Tucson, AZ) 520.909.3888 / feliciachew19@gmail.com

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”