Pi Place

By Domestic Violence Support Services

Pi Place…for empowerment and awareness
…for health and happiness… 

What is Pi Place?

  • Pi Place is a place for breaking the cycle of systemic domestic abuse.
  • Pi Place is a space for sharing stories, art, and wisdom.
  • Pi Place provides housing, meals, and support services as individuals begin the process of being mindful and empowered to foster happy and healthy relationships.

Pi Place is a transitional space for families caught in the cycle of domestic abuse:

  • …empowering victims
  • …fostering trauma informed communities
  • …providing a safe space and space for safety planning
Why do we need Pi Place?
1 out of 4 women and 1 out of 7 men experience domestic abuse… and children are caught in the middle.  1280px-cycle_of_abuseThe cycle of domestic abuse can take just moments or it can take years… screenshot_20160629-175733Domestic violence/ abuse is not just physical.  It can also be emotional, psychological, financial, sexual, and religious.Domestic abuse will perpetuate unless there is intervention.  
What Can we do?
We can help break the cycle of systemic domestic abuse through education, advocacy, and outreach.

“Hurt people hurt people. Healthy and happy people build healthy and happy connections.”

What support does Pi Place need?

  • Pi Place will be operating on funds from sponsors such as yourself, with one time contributions, or regular monthly contributions.  These funds will help offset the costs of the mortgage, utilities, property insurance, and food.
  • Contributions can be made at www.feliciachew.com/support.
  • Contributions are not tax deductible.
  • Pi Place also needs care baskets for those who seek the much needed sanctuary.


Q. What is Pi Place?

A. Pi Place is transitional shelter for women and children working to break the cycle of abuse.

Q. Can I visit Pi Place?

A. In-person tours are unavailable, as Pi Place must remain as an undisclosed location for the safety of participants and staff.

Q. How long do individuals stay at Pi Place?

A. The length of time depends on the amount of funds in the Pi Place account.  The cost for Pi Place is $40/night or $750/month per room.

Q. How did Pi Place get its name?

A. Pi is the constant in circles, and it transcends all circles…. just like our friends moving from victim to survivor to thriver. 💜 Rest In Peace to being a victim. Rest In Power to being a survivor.  Rest In Pi to being a thriver.

Q. What services are available at Pi Place?

A. Pi Place participants receive a safe space for transitioning with support and resources in safety planning and connections to the community.

Q. Why are contributions to Pi Place not tax deductible?

A. Pi Place is not registered as a 501c organization. 

Q. Why is Pi Place not registered as a 501c organization?

A. Pi Place is not registered as a 501c organization to avoid the bureaucracy that surrounds a 501c organization.

Q. Is Pi Place a licensed facility?

A. Pi Place is licensed for rentals, and partners with Domestic Violence Support Services, a Project of Felicia Chew Community Projects, a licensed educational small business, with an emphasis on interventions, advocacy, and communications in the City of Tucson. 

Q. Tell me more about the physical space.

A. Unfortunately, additional details about the physical space cannot be given, as the location of the physical space must remain undisclosed.

Q. What else does Pi Place need?

A. Click here for a list of needs.  

Q. Is there a list of sponsors for Pi Place?

A. Click here for a list of sponsors.

Q. I need more information about Pi Place.

A. For more information:

Click here to make a contribution

Pi Place, a partnership with Felicia Chew Community Projects and community members working to end systemic domestic abuse through providing safe spaces for sharing stories, art, and wisdom.

We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”