Help End Systemic Domestic Violence – Current Projects, Expenses, Needs, Funding Sources

Thanks for wanting to help end systemic domestic violence.  Projects, expenses, and a sample of events are listed below.  For a complete list of fundraising events and amounts raised, visit our fundraising event page.

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Current Projects and Expenses:

  • Tucson Zines #SpeakUp Writing Challenge, to encourage teens and tweens to speak up. (Quarterly Prize Total $150 – First Prize $75; Second Prize $50; Third Prize $25)
  • Tucson Quilt Project to encourage community members to speak up and be able to see different perspectices from community members (Material Costs typically built into event cost; raw materials for one participant typically costs $1.50/participant)
  • Domestic Violence Support Services Advocacy, to ensure policies and budget decisions support the end of systemic domestic violence, and the health of community members ($15/hr);
  • Domestic Violence Support Services Education, to help our community understand the impact of crises, identify the root causes, and be mindful of words and actions which enable the culture of domestic violence ($15/hr);
  • Domestic Violence Support Services Outreach, to help community members who are not being served in the cycle of systemic domestic violence ($15/hr).
  • Project planning and implementation services ($15/hour)
  • Travel reimbursement ($.55/mile)
  • Meals reimbursements ($4/coffee; $8/breakfast; $12/lunch; $15/dinner)
  • Parking fees (maximum of $8/day)

Fundraising Goals

Current Goals

Fall 2018 (September-November) Fundraising Goals:

  • Tucson Zines: $150 for Winter Writing Challenge Prizes
  • Tucson Quilt Project: $100 for Winter  Events
  • Domestic Violence Support Services: $450 for 30 hours of winter services
  • Pie, Felicia (Safe Space Project): $100 for start-up costs
  • Save Golden Pin Lanes: $600 for LLC formation / other associated costs

Past Goals

Summer 2018 (June-August) Fundraising Goals:

  • Tucson Zines: $150 for Fall Writing Challenge Prizes (Goal met June 17, 2018.  Thank you!!)
  • Tucson Quilt Project: $100 for Fall Events (Goal met June 17, 2018. Thank you!!)
  • Domestic Violence Support Services: $450 for 30 hours of summer services (Goal met September 7, 2018. Thank you!!)

Sampling of Fundraisers (for a complete list of fundraisers and funds raised, click here):

October 6, 2018 8a-11a.  “Walk A Mile for #OurTucson” on Miracle Mile Road.  Starting at Jacobs Park.  Ending at Golden Pin Lanes.  Help end systemic domestic violence, and bring back economic vitality to Miracle Mile.  Raffle prizes, bowling specials, car show, community art project, and more!

October 2, 2018 5p-10p. “Tuesdays for Tucson” at La Cocina.  10% of sales goes to Help End Systemic Domestic Violence.  Raffle prizes, great food and drink, tattoo cover-up, community art project, and more!

September 7, 2018 6:30-8:30p. “Help End Systemic Domestic Violence” Bowling at Golden Pin Lanes with “First Fridays with Felicia”.  Tickets $10 for 2 hours of bowling, including shoe rental to Help End Systemic Domestic Violence.  Raffle prizes, great food and drink, community art project, and more!


August 26, 2018 6p-9p. “Help End Systemic Domestic Violence” Music benefit at the Surly Wench Pub.  Suggested donation $10. 8 bands, raffle prizes, great food and drink, community art project, and more!


July 28, 2018 4p-6p. “Help End Systemic Domestic Violence” at Ghini’s French Caffe.  Music from Al Perry (4-5p), discussion and updates from 5-6p.  $18/individual. $30/couple includes raffle ticket, drink ticket, tapas to share, music from Al Perry, materials for community art project and an individual paper quilt to take home.  Additional raffle tickets available for purchase (5 for $7).


June 17, 2018 from 6-9p.  “Help End Systemic Domestic Violence” at Monterey Court.  Suggested donation $10.  Enjoy live music from Al Perry, Eb Eberlein, Jacques Taylor and the Real Deal featuring Meka Love, 50/50 raffle, silent auction, and participate in a community art project.


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