The FM Project

The Felicia Memes (FM) Project was started in April 2019, as a way to demonstrate how any of us can empower ourselves through Speaking Up and being able to create our own memes.

As you may know, the “Friday” movie created the popular hashtag “Bye, Felicia” and anyone named Felicia can tell you, that expression is getting a little old.

That being said, Felicia Chew, founder of Felicia Chew Community Projects created a project proposal for “Pie, Felicia“, and began posting “Felicia Chew” memes on her Facebook page.

How To Use Facebook to Create Your Meme:

  1. Take a photo of yourself in front of a blank wall.
  2. Crop it so there is space to one side of you, for you to be able to add your message.
  3. Using Facebook, click “add photo.”
  4. Select the photo and add.
  5. Click on the photo and select edit.
  6. Select the add text feature.
  7. Type in your text (you can also type it elsewhere, such as an app like ColorNote, and then use the paste or clipboard option to insert your text). NOTE:  If you want to add ”  “, add those before you copy and paste.
  8. You can adjust the size, color, and font of your text by clicking on your text and selecting the appropriate edit feature, and also by “pinching” the text.
  9. If you have a website address, you can add that to the bottom.  You can always add your Facebook address, which is<your userid>
  10. That’s it!  If you don’t want to share it with the world (or just want to share it somewhere else), change your privacy setting on Facebook, before you Share/Post it.  You can then select the Photo, and Download it or save it to your device.

Have fun!  Be safe!

The Felicia Meme (FM) Collection

Note: The FM Project is an ongoing Project.  Check back for more Memes, which will be posted at the top of this section, or follow Felicia on Facebook!