If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1.

Domestic Abuse Hotline 24/7 for more interventions and assistance in English an Spanish, call 1.888.428.0101
For resources on ending systemic domestic abuse, use the Contact form for this site to connect with Felicia Chew Community Projects.

NOTE: Hyperlinks not working?  Replace the “feliciachew” with “chewfortucson.wordpress” in the address.  Much love and appreciation to WordPress who has hosted this site since 2017.  CHEWfor Tucson was originally created when Felicia Chew campaigned politically,  recognizing that policies hold the key to many of the problems in the Tucson community.  However, in an effort for name recognition for the ballots, the domain name “feliciachew” was purchased and linked to ChewForTucson  And for whatever reason, the feliciachew portion which substituted the ChewForTucson is no longer working.  CHEW stands for Compassion, Humanity, Empathy, and Wisdom; or Creativity, Humanity, Empathy, Wisdom.  Kalamajong/Felicia


Felicia Chew Community Projects, located in Tucson, Arizona…

is working to create happier and healthier communities by breaking the cycle of systemic abuse.

*CHEW for Tucson –> Compassion, Humanity, Empathy, Wisdom for Tucson 💜💜💜💜💜

Did you miss it? Check out #ListenBelieveBeLove :

2020 Domestic Violence Awareness Series.

Our Justice system has gaps and loopholes that perpetrators of domestic abuse take advantage of… please connect with your State Legislators and advocate for

1. Judges and other officers of the law being held accountable for listening to exculpatory evidence.
2. Ensuring that statements are not outside the record, manifest proper, and not prejudicial

Interesting read:

Thank you. More information about the work being done to help Courts get back to helping victims break the cycle in the YouTube video below!

Click here to view our Featured Projects


    • Pi Place (funding for emergency shelter for women and children working to break the cycle of domestic abuse). *We recently organized community members to raise money for a local Tucsonan to settle an eviction due to abuse, and supported our friend through the process of securing long-term housing.
    • Transcend Tucson Etsy Shop (arts and more created by survivors and allies, where 75% of the proceeds goes to the artist, and 25% goes to fund education for fostering trauma informed communities and Courts which benefit victims and survivors of domestic abuse.)
    • Pi Place Plus, LLC – Anti-Violence Museum (includes space for resources that include transitional housing, job training, education for individuals working to break the cycle of domestic abuse and bullying)
    • Victims United – Victims United is a team of victims, survivors, allies, and advocates working together to break the cycle of violence.
    • YouTube Channel. Speak up on your own YouTube channel. You can subscribe to Felicia’s YouTube Channel to hear Piano Improv… and for other videos that Felicia creates that are relevant to her life as a teacher, advocate for breaking the cycle of systemic domestic abuse, and human who owns cats and loves water and people. An extroverted introvert, YouTube and Facebook are great ways for Felicia to share the wisdom she gains from the community around her. #StopTheBlame #StopTheShame #OurChildrenAreWatching #BreakTheCycle #ListenBelieveBeLove #PeaceLoveAndAppleSnacks
    • Domestic Violence Awareness Series 2020 #ListenBelieveBeLove. This year’s series is virtual. Please share with others! Thanks for visiting!
    • The Trojan Trumpeteer.  Catalina HS, Tucson, AZ.  High School Paper focused on sharing perspectives.


Did you miss the October 2019 Domestic Violence Awareness Series in Downtown Tucson? Click here to see what you missed.

Take action!

(1) Sign on to www.azleg.gov to give your support for these bills which protect our children.

(2) Learn more about “Transcend Tucson“, a movement to address the need for change in Courts, including written policy to guide Courts, attorneys, and workers in delivering justice and breaking the cycle of trauma in parents and kids.

Our Mission Statement:

We are working to create happier and healthier communities through breaking the cycle of systemic domestic abuse through the use of education, advocacy, and outreach in various Projects that encourage and facilitate sharing stories, art, and perspectives.

Our Vision Statement:

By 2022, the following Programs and Processes available for individuals and families experiencing domestic violence:

1. Pie, Felicia (PLUS). A 100% sustainable facility that includes a Co-op for survivors of domestic violence, and an on-site community center which houses Pie, Felicia!

2. Members of the Co-op would have the opportunity to work in the areas of Education, Advocacy, and Outreach.

About Us:

We are a network of individuals, groups, and businesses who are working to end systemic domestic violence. 1 out of 4 women, and 1 out of 7 men will experience domestic violence. Felicia Chew Community Projects is a licensed educational small business in the City of Tucson, Arizona.

Our small local woman-owned business works to bridge the gaps between existing services and supports for ending domestic violence, and the individuals who are seeking support.

Projects & People (not Politics)…

Help End Systemic Domestic Violence – Learn about systemic domestic abuse, and become an advocate to help break the cycle – Take Action! Past Fundraiser Events!

Making a difference – Projects and Politics

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Receive updates, notes, and more about helping to end systemic domestic abuse.


Visit our list of supporters and sponsors, who have pledged to help end systemic domestic abuse

Contests, Raffles, Giveaways!

Tucson Zines #SpeakUp Challenge

  • Deadline: September 20, 2020!
  • Cash Prizes!
  • Open to students in Grades K-12

Learn more about how you can help end systemic domestic violence – Informative Articles about Domestic Abuse


Get involved and sign a petition to help make things better in our community!


(Stop Gentrification!)

Tucson Quilt Project

On Air/


Civic Engagement

Vote Felicia Chew (No current campaigns)

  • Candidate for 2020 Pima County Supervisor District 3
  • Candidate for 2018 Amphi School Board
  • Candidate for 2017 Tucson City Council Ward 3

Project Proposals

Donate to

Felicia Chew Community Projects

  • Your monetary contribution helps end systemic domestic violence by building relationships through sharing stories, art, and perspectives, and work through education, advocacy, and outreach.

Donate to “Vote Felicia Chew”

  • Help finance changes in inequitable systemic statutes in regards to voter registration and voice.

Sharing Stories, Art, & Wisdom

The Journey – Lessons Learned – Stories, Art, and Perspective: What Would You Like to Share with Our Community?

  • “Life lessons” from different experiences.
  • Share your stories, art, and perspectives!

Our Team

A Welcome Message from Felicia Chew


Thank you for visiting!

My name is Felicia Chew. I am a Mother, Teacher, and Advocate for each of us, and for all of us. I am the Founder of Felicia Chew Community Projects.

Meet Felicia

I moved to Tucson from New Mexico where I lived and taught on the Zuni Indian Reservation and also for Gallup-McKinley County Schools. I was born and raised in California, and became a helper at Esprit de la Danse; a TA for Ballet classes, Asian-American Studies classes, and Resource Classes in Davis; and taught for the Woodland Joint Unified School District, eventually becoming the District Interventions Coordinator.

In Tucson, I worked at La Baguette Bakery, the Home Depot, and I taught at the Bright Star Learning Center, the JCC, Animas Dance Center, ZUZI!, for the Amphitheater Public School District, Tucson Unified School District, Flowing Wells School District, Presidio School, and the Tucson Hebrew Academy.

I recently returned to the classroom, and currently have a seat on the Catalina High School Site Council, and the DaVinci Tree Academy School Board. For the past three years, I worked as a substitute teacher in the community, as an education presenter for the Environmental Education Exchange, and also with “Felicia Chew Community Projects“. The three main Projects at this time focus on identifying gaps in social services and building bridges. The “Tucson Quilt Project” allows Tucsonans (and visitors) to share their messages and ideas with the community.


The “Tucson Zines” Project (pronounced ‘zeens’) provides a voice for tweens and teens in Tucson and the surrounding areas. The “Domestic Violence Support Services” Project provides education, advocacy, and outreach to victims and survivors of domestic abuse, and also to their families, and families of perpetrators.


Please connect with us — join me at a “Create A Square” event, or join me in ending the cycle of domestic abuse, or join me in empowering our teens and tweens with their voices and stories!

I hope you have a great day, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

🙂 Felicia

Felicia Chew Community Projects (Tucson, AZ) 520.909.3888 / feliciachew19@gmail.com

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life. Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”

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