Felicia Chew for Tucson City Council – Ward 3

 My name is Felicia Chew.  I am running for the open seat on Tucson’s City Council – Ward 3.  My sons and I moved to Tucson in 2011. Currently, I am a teacher at Mansfeld Magnet Middle School, and I have been involved with the local community, through the City’s Citizen Police Advisory Review Board, my son’s PTO, and Tucson’s Valley of the Moon.  I was recently accepted into the County’s Victim Services program as a Victim Advocate in Training.

 I am a Chinese-American first generation youngest daughter of immigrant parents, born and raised in California.  When my parents immigrated to America, Grandfather wanted Dad to work in the family laundry business in Oakland Chinatown.  But Dad did not want that for himself; instead, he chose to attend college, become a Senior Engineer at Lockheed Missiles and Space, and help Mom open her own beauty salon.  Dad experienced many successes, but he tells me it was not easy.

My personal journey has also been filled with challenges.  I have faced prejudices, stereotypes, and domestic violence, but I have been able to have successes.

I chose Tucson because I was drawn to its diversity, arts, and culture.  Some of my favorite things about Ward 3 include visiting Winterhaven in the Winter, visiting the Greek Festival in the Fall, and being involved with productions at the Valley of the Moon.

But after coming to Tucson, and living in Ward 3, I realized that the City and the Ward still have many challenges:

Many of the poorest areas in Tucson are in Ward 3.  The median income is $27,389 in Ward 3, while the median income in the City is $37,025.  Ward 3 also has the highest reported number of burglary and domestic violence incidents in Tucson.

Ward 3 needs someone who will provide constant advocacy for its residents.   As a teacher, I help my students find their voice.  As Councilwoman, I will  help my neighbors find their voice, and I will advocate for the needs of Ward 3, including:

  •           Sustainability and Water Responsibility
  •           Working Families
  •           Stronger Neighborhoods

Looking forward to growing together,

Felicia 🙂

#EachOfUs #AllOfUs #OurTucson

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