“Chew for Tucson”

My name is Felicia Chew. After 20+ years in the classroom, I am leaving the traditional classroom to work on bridging the gaps that are regularly found in services that “work for most people, but not for those who are unable to access the services due to unique, personal situations.”

The “Chew for Tucson” Project and I invite you to “chew on ideas, chew on food, and “chew’s” wisdom, because our children are watching.”

Summary of Services:  (1) “Chew on Ideas “.  Writing Challenge Program open to all community members sharing their personal stories that create the diversity, arts, and culture of Tucson; (2) “Chew on Food”.  Recipe Challenge fostering food resiliency through shared recipes, sourcing, and community meals; (3) “Chew’s wisdom, because our children are watching”. Small community support groups focused on common interests and needs, that foster empowerment through communication and community.

Our Mission Statement. “Chew for Tucson” will bridge the gaps in transition programs for #EachOfUs #AllOfUs so we can all say: “This is #OurTucson.  “Chew for Tucson” will develop and implement programs that foster courageous conversations, and communication throughout the community.

Our Events page provides more information about the CFT Project and our work in the community.  Come see us!

❤ Felicia


*Chew for Tucson is a Project of Felicia Chew Community Projects