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Featured Questions*

What makes Tucson special to you, and what your hopes are for Tucson? (Tucson Tweenzine and #OurTucson Little Books)

What does sustainability look like — to you in Tucson? (Envision Tucson Sustainable Quilt and Little Book)

What is the recipe to a dish you enjoy? Share the recipe and a story that goes with the recipe! (#OurTucson Little Books)


Can you share a Story, that shows the diversity, arts, or culture of Tucson?

Can you share a Recipe to foster food resiliency — sourced locally; or provide space for a community meal?

Can you host a group focused on a common interest or need, to foster empowerment through communication and community?

If you can, or if you just want to contact us, please complete the information form below! Viva! La revolucion!

*Felicia Chew Community Projects gives back to the community through compensating contributors when pieces are published, and providing scholarships. Memberships and purchased advertisements are not tax-deductible.