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Felicia Chew Community Projects

Interactive and engaging presentations that encourage and empower participants to create happy, healthy communities by sharing stories, art, and perspectives, and helping to end systemic domestic violence.

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Level 1 (up to 3 hours with handouts for participants)

  • Communication Skills: Active Listening.  Learn about why it is important to be an active listener, and practice techniques.
  • Financial Education: Living on a Limited Income in Tucson. Living on a limited income is tough, especially when you have kids.  Come learn how to make it work! Bring kids!
  • Parenting: Understanding Core Curriculum and Standards.  What is common core, and why is it important to have standards? Learn strategies for helping your kids at home.
  • Politics: Running for Office.  Thinking of running for office? Learn some Do’s and Don’t’s of running for office.
  • Positive Discipline and Restorative Practices.  Learn strategies and reasons for using positive discipline, instead of punitive discipline.
  • Technology: Microsoft Excel Basics.  Learn the basics of, and create, a spreadsheet for tracking expenses and daily activities.
  • Technology: Microsoft PowerPoint Basics.  Learn the basics of, and create, a PowerPoint.  (Pair with Level 3 Follow-up)
  • Technology: Microsoft Word Basics. Learn the basics of, and create, a Word document.  (Pair with Level 3 Follow-up)
  • Technology: Write A Blog.  Using WordPress, participants will learn the basics for creating a blog, and create a blog.  (Pair with Level 5 Blog Meet-Up)


Level 2 (up to 2 hours DIY)  *Note: These presentations are also available as Level 5 Series (same concept with different themes) or Level 5 One-Day Presentations

  • Art, Self, and Community: Create A Paper Quilt
  • Poetry, Self, and Community: Piggyback Poems
  • Recycled Art: Recycled Material Weaving

16300204_1260110217414774_3511594894186784807_oLevel 3 (up to 3 hours 1-on-1 Consultation – Follow-up to Presentations, or Stand-Alone)

  • Homework Help
  • Technology/Writing: Create A Blog
  • Technology: Powerpoint, Excel, Word Follow-up

20180530_212258Level 4 (up to 3 hours large group)

  • Art: Create A Paper Quilt
  • Sustainability: Songs and Stories of Sustainability (visit with the Blue Fairy or the Forest Fairy)

ericLevel 5 (Presentation Series : 5 sessions- 1 hour/each)

  • Be Involved: Substitute Teacher Mentoring and Support Group
  • Be Involved: Volunteer Mentoring and Support Group
  • Book Group: Chinese-American Culture Series
  • Empowerment/Independence Series
  • Help End Systemic Domestic Abuse Series
  • Technology: Blog Meet-Up
  • Teen 365 Make – Tucson Zines Writing Challenge
  • Wellness – Help End Systemic Domestic Violence 
  • Wellness – Parenting Support Group
  • Wellness – Peaceful Practices Series
  • Wellness-Self-Defense inspired by Wing Chun
  • Wellness – Walk-A-Mile

cropped-20170304_1437561.jpgLevel 5 (up to 1 day)

  • Mega-Mania Art – Create A Square
  • Songs and Stories with the Blue Fairy or the Forest Fairy
  • Summer Reading Art – Create A Square
  • Sustainability – Songs and Stories of Sustainability (visit with the Blue Fairy or the Forest Fairy)

Presenter Bios

  • Felicia Chew.  Felicia loves art, music, and storytelling.  Felicia attended the University of California,  Davis,  and received her Bachelor’s degree in Asian- American Studies, with a minor in English.  Felicia is a certified teacher in California and Arizona, and has over 25 years of teaching experience.  Felicia was born and raised in Sunnyvale, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, now home to Facebook and Google.  Felicia was recognized as Teacher of the Year by the Diocese of Gallup, and now shares her experiences and expertise in sustainability, crisis response, domestic violence, education, and community relationships, to help make things better for her community, her sons, and herself.


Here’s what people are saying about Felicia and her presentations:

  • An amazing presenter
  • Loved her
  • One of the best presenters I’ve seen
  • Very enthusiastic and had all of the students engaged
  • Fantastic presentation
  • Enthusiasm was contagious
  • Patient and calm
  • Able to redirect students in a calm manner
  • Informative and interactive
  • Related very well to my students
  • Loved her
  • Students enjoyed the presentation
  • Presenter was awesome
  • Enjoyable
  • Personable and attentive to talking to all students
  • Wonderful
  • She made learning fun for everyone
  • My students loved her
  • I loved how she was on their level
  • Excellent
  • Knowledgeable and related to students well
  • Kept students interested
  • Funny at appropriate times
  • Wonderful
  • Great rapport with kids
  • Very talented with kids!
  • Very enthusiastic
  • Very patient
  • Great with kids

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each us, our picture is incomplete.”