Vote Felicia Chew – Appeal to Supreme Court

Hello friends,

We are appealing the decision by Superior Court to provide an injunction that Felicia’s name shall not appear on the November 6, 2018 General ballot for the Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board.

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  • August 22 – Notice by Pima County Superintendent’s Office that Felicia’s signatures are being challenged by plaintiff (and opponent) Matt Kopec, represented by Vince Rabago, esq.  Felicia requests a copy of the documents be emailed to her.
  • August 23 – Felicia appears in Court.  She has not received the Court documents.  Felicia requests copy from opposing counsel, citing that she has not received the documents, and cannot afford to print them out.  Opposing counsel refuses request, stating it is their only copy, and they will email a set to Felicia.  Judge Griffin provides Felicia with his copy of the documents.   Judge Griffen gives a deadline of August 29 for submitting any documentation, and that Felicia can submit a fee waiver request.  Judge Griffin suggests that Felicia seek counsel.  Felicia states she cannot afford the costs of counsel (Side note: Another candidate whose signatures were challenged spent $5000 for representation).
  • August 29 – Felicia is self-represented.  She has a prepared Defendant statement, but decides to not send it in ahead of time, and present it on the 31st, due to the potential fees, and loss of time, and the fact that she can present it on the 31st.
  • August 31 – Before Court, Felicia recognizes that she is beginning to experience symptoms of PTSD resulting from previous Court hearings, due to her Domestic Violence case.  She contacts Emerge! for a brief conversation and proceeds to the hearing.  At the hearing, Felicia is unfamiliar with the process, and does not call herself as witness, which leads to closing arguments starting.  When it is time for Felicia’s closing arguments, Felicia states that she may have missed her opportunity to testify, that she should have called herself as witness, and asks if she may all herself as witness.  Her request is granted, and she testifies.  However, she does not share her prepared statement with the Court; she does not present her evidence regarding the allegations; she explains that the interpretation of the law is limited in perspective.  When the Court returns with the decision, it is in favor of the plaintiff.  The Judge states that Felicia’s arguments were compelling,  but not in this Court of Law.  The Judge writes in the minute entry that the decision is appealable.
  • September 5 – Felicia files an appeal with the Superior Court (filing fee $100)
  • September 6 – Felicia files the appeal with the Supreme Court, and leaves a message for the Superior Court, requesting information about obtaining expedited transcripts
  • September 7 – Felicia speaks with the Court Reporter and learns that the cost for expedited transcripts is $280. Recordings may not be submitted from a Court hearing as evidence; only the certified transcripts are acceptable (cost of $140 for 30 day request/ $280 for expedited request).  Felicia emails opposing counsel to see if they will stipulate to statements in the hearing, thereby making it unnecessary to obtain the transcripts.