Felicia Chew Community Projects Team Members and Partners

By Felicia Chew Community Projects

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NOTE: Hyperlinks not working? Replace the “feliciachew” with “chewfortucson.wordpress” in the address. Much love and appreciation to WordPress who has hosted this site since 2017. CHEWfor Tucson was originally created when Felicia Chew campaigned politically, recognizing that policies hold the key to many of the problems in the Tucson community. However, in an effort for name recognition for the ballots, the domain name “feliciachew” was purchased and linked to ChewForTucson And for whatever reason, the feliciachew portion which substituted the ChewForTucson is no longer working. CHEW stands for Compassion, Humanity, Empathy, and Wisdom; or Creativity, Humanity, Empathy, Wisdom. Kalamajong/Felicia



Supported Projects and Organizations

Felicia Chew Community Projects supports other groups and individuals who do the work to help make things better. The following are Projects/Groups that Felicia Chew Community Projects supports/has supported/advocated for:

  • 4th Avenue Deli
  • Action Print and Copy
  • Amphi CORE (Community Outreach to Restore Education)
  • Amphitheater High School Grad Night
  • Amphitheater Public Schools Community Advisory Board
  • (ATSK) American Tae Kwon Do Super Karate
  • Bett’s Print Shop
  • BLET (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen)
  • Cafe 54
  • Campus Farm Neighborhood Association
  • Center of Peace and Alliance
  • CIVX
  • Citizen Police Advisory Review Board (City of Tucson)
  • Community Food Bank
  • Court Watch
  • Creative Juice
  • Daily Caller
  • Dancesequences
  • Downtown Radio
  • Eastpointe High School
  • Eller College Business Certificate Program
  • Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse
  • Environmental Education Exchange
  • Flutes for Veterans
  • Ghini’s French Caffe
  • GLOW!
  • Golden Pin Lanes
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Heritage Farmer’s Market
  • Iskashitaa Refugee Center
  • Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association
  • Jewish Children and Family Services
  • Jewish Community Center
  • Joel Feinman
  • Katie Popiel
  • KVOI AM 1030
  • KXCI
  • La Baguette Bakery
  • La Cocina
  • Local First Arizona
  • Mark’s Ace Hardware
  • Ministry of Mercy
  • MOMS Demand Action
  • Monterey Court and Galleries
  • Mornings with Cyndi
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • National Organization of Women
  • NextDoor
  • Noonday Collection
  • Northwest Liberty News
  • Old Pueblo Community Services
  • Pima Community College
  • Pima County Libraries
  • Pima County Victim Services Division
  • Poco and Mom’s
  • Presidio School
  • Project Safe Place
  • Reid Park Zoo
  • Represent US
  • Salt of the Earth Labor College
  • Sonoran Desert Homeschoolers
  • Surly Wench Pub
  • Sustainable Tucson
  • TenWest
  • The Gloo Factory
  • The House of Rossi
  • Tucson Chinese Cultural Center
  • Tucson Families Free and Together
  • Tucson Folk Festival
  • Tucson for Bernie Sanders
  • Tucson Hebrew Academy
  • Tucson House Residents (2017)
  • Tucson Museum of Art
  • Tucson Origami Club
  • Tucson Peace Center
  • TUSD Subs and Allies
  • US Border Patrol
  • Valley of the Moon
  • Watershed Management Group
  • Xerocraft
  • Yoshimatsu
  • Zero Miles to Empty
  • Zuzi!

Team Members


Al Perry. Producer. HESDV, VFC

Alfred Urbina. Support. HESDV, PF

Amber Johnson. Partner. Founder Helping the Good People and Ministry of Mercy. HESDV, DVAS, PP


Anthony Potter. Support. Author “Homeless Bill of Rights.”

April Barbosa. Partner. Founder and CEO Justice for Rosaura. DVAS, CCB

Charlotte Snyder. Support. TZ

Dan Stormont. Support. FFF

David Pike. Partner. The Screening Room Manager. DVAS

Dorie Knutson-Nichols. Team Member. VU, DVSS.


Felicia Chew. Founder. Educator, Advocate, Network Weaver, Social Media, Web Manager. FFF, HESDV, TQP, DVSS, SC, SGPL, AHJ, VFC, PF, CCB, FCC, FMP, TT


Hanson Fotherby. Partner. WAM, HESDV, SGPL (Lead: Historical Tours)


Jana Segal. Support. FFF

Jason LeValley. Partner. Founder Downtown Radio. DVAS


Joshua Samson. Videographer, Web Consultant. HESDV

Justin Williams. Business Mentor. TT


Kathy Morrow. Support. BB, WAM, CCB

Kirsten Engel. Support. State Legislator. HESDV, CCB, SGPL

Kuuleme Stephens. Partner. Courts, Victims Advocate. HESDV, PF, CCB, DVAS, FFF, FR


Mat Schildt. Support. TZ

Misa Gonzalez. Support. TT

Paul Bennett. Support. HESDV, CCB

Paul Cicala. Support. WAM

Pat Hirsch. Support.

Patricia Podgornik. Maker/Artisan. FR

Rissa Biagi. Support. HESDV, VFC, CCB

Robert Carlson. Partner. Lead Zero Miles to Empty. DVAS


Rosemary Bolza. Support. SGPL, HESDV, PF

Sarah Gotschall. Support. FFF, VFC, CCB

Shellie Hammacher. Support. VU

Todd Clodfelter. Former State Legislator. HESDV, CCB

Yumi Wong. Support. VFC

Zack Busch. Support. WAM, HESDV, PF

Community Partners

These are community groups that Felicia Chew Community Projects has partnered with to complete a Project. Thank you to our Partners!

  • 4th Avenue Deli (Tucson Quilt Project)
  • ARC (DVSS)
  • Bookman’s (Tucson Zines)
  • Catalyst (Tucson Quilt Project)
  • CIVX (Trancend Tucson)
  • Downtown Radio (DVAS)
  • Eastpointe High School (Tucson Quilt Project)
  • Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse (DVAS)
  • Ghini’s French Caffe (HESDV)
  • Jacques Taylor and the Real Deal (HESDV)
  • Justice for Rosaura (DVAS)
  • La Cocina (HESDV)
  • Ministry of Mercy (Care Packages)
  • Monterey Court Galleries (HESDV)
  • Pima County Library (Tucson Quilt Project)
  • SAACA (Tucson Quilt Project)
  • Surly Wench Pub (Tucson Quilt Project)
  • The Screening Room (DVAS)
  • Tucson Folk Festival (Tucson Quilt Project)
  • Zero Miles to Empty (DVAS, Tucson Masks)