“Pie, Felicia” Safe Space Project Proposal


My name is Felicia Chew, and I am the owner of Felicia Chew Community Projects, located in Tucson, Arizona.  As a young woman, I was interested in operating a small business, just as my mother owned and operated her small business in Mountain View, California (Gini’s Beauty Salon).  I was Corresponding Secretary, Vice President, and member of Homestead High School’s Future Business Leaders of America.

However, I became a teacher, rather than a small business owner, and now after having a story to tell about my adventures of being a political candidate, a mom, a survivor of domestic violence, and an educator living in California, New Mexico, on the Zuni Indian Reservation, and in Arizona, I am back to my original dream of being a business leader in the community, with the ability to help our community have opportunity for success for all of our members.

I believe that each of us should be personally and socially responsible.  I have consciously chosen to operate as a for-profit business (giving back most of our revenue to community projects).  The business currently operates as a sole proprietorship, but we  recently began working with a Business Advisor at with the SBDC at Pima Community College, and learned about a new type of corporation (which we will be exploring with our Advisor).

I have a small team of community members who have been working (for free) to help our community.  As the owner of Felicia Chew Community Projects, I am working on the next step — having an income revenue to truly be able to employ community members.

To that end, I am seeking sponsors for “Pie, Felicia : Safe Space Project”, to help end systemic domestic violence. The project proposal is available at:

We are currently seeking sponsors for covering the start-up costs of leasing the diner (located at 4520 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson, Arizona), and initial costs associated with operating the diner (utilities and maintenance).

Could you share this request with your family, friends, and colleagues, and commit to monthly contributions of $5 or more to help end systemic domestic violence?

Thanks for your time,

Felicia ❤
Felicia Chew, Founder of Felicia Chew Community Projects

Call/Text 520.909.3888

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life; without each of us, our picture is incomplete. “



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