What does it mean to Choose Humanity, Empathy, and Wisdom?


Choose means…remembering that

  • Things are not black and white
  • There are more than two options
  • A choice includes purposeful action and purposeful inaction
  • A choice includes inaction

Humanity means…

  • Human rights for each of us and all of us
  • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Empathy means…

  • Putting ourselves in others’ shoes
  • Forgiving ourselves
  • Forgiving others

Wisdom means…

  • Knowing that forgiveness is not the same as forgetting
  • Knowing that none of us is perfect
  • Knowing that we have choice
  • Knowing that we do the best that we can
  • Knowing that we do not know what we do not know
  • Knowing that we do know what we do know
  • Knowing that we have value
  • Knowing how to let go of that which we cannot change
  • Knowing that we are limited in power
  • Knowing that we respond in crisis due to fear
  • Knowing that we are human, capable of reason
  • Knowing that we have the ability to choose.

Choose Humanity, Empathy, and Wisdom means:

  • To do the right thing, always — no matter what others do
  • To take time aparts whenever needed
  • That we recognize that policies, budgets, and accountability and enforcement helps keep our systems healthy.
  • To  Vote for Felicia Chew for Pima County Supervisor – 2020 – District 3, and for others who work to provide safe spaces with freedoms, liberties, restorative and transformative practices, and continuous improvement in our systems, so that each us and all of us (not just some of us) may have access to (and opportunity for) health and happiness for ourselves, our children, and our communities.

20190715_173058This site hosted by Felicia Chew Community Projects (Tucson, AZ).  Learn more about becoming a supporter of our work to end systemic domestic violence on our Support Our Projects and our Support Our Campaign Pages.  Connect with us through our Contact Page, or via Phone/Text at 520.909.3888, or via e-mail at feliciachew19@gmail.com



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