It’s 2a.m.



I wake up at 2am
Every day
At 2am
And I used to lay there
Rigid straight flat
As a board
Not moving a muscle
Afraid almost almost afraid
To breathe
To draw
Your attention to me
As you worked?
Watched porn?
Communicated with “God”?

I don’t know what it was
That you were doing
But I knew
There would be hell to pay
If you knew
That I knew
What you
Were doing.

So I lay there
Hardly moving moving hardly
And tried to go
To sleep
But the harder I tried
The more I stayed awake.

So I just laid there.

And waited.

I wake up at 2am.
You’re lying by me.
I close my eyes
And fall back asleep.

I wake up.
It’s 6am
I slept through the night.
I was so relieved relieved so was I.

I wake up
It’s 2am
No one in the bed
Beside me.
I’m alone.
I lie there.
I sit up.
I stand up.
I create.
I draw.
I breathe.

Because I am not alone.
I am here.
Able to share my story my story able to share

Thank you
For letting me share
At 2am


Please join us at the 2019 Domestic Violence Awareness Series in Downtown Tucson on the first two Mondays, last two Tuesdays, and 2nd Sunday at The Screening Room.  Learn more about the Series at .  Learn more about helping to end systemic domestic violence at

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