Felicia Chew on Making Things Better for Each of Us and All Of Us (Not Just Some Of Us) in Pima County

Who is Felicia Chew?  Felicia Chew is campaigning for a seat on the Pima County Board of Supervisors (2020).  This is her third campaign for an elected seat.  Ms. Chew was unsuccessful in gathering enough votes in her first attempt in 2017 (due to an unfamiliarity by the Party), and was knocked off the ballot by an opponent in 2018 (due to an outdated petition policy); however  supporters have been encouraged by her honesty, transparency, and heart.

We hope you will ask questions and see how your vote for Felicia will make things better for members of the Pima County community.

Felicia’s Mission Statement:  Review policies and budgets to ensure services and programs are better for #EachOfUs and #AllOfUs (not just some of us).

Vision Statement: To have programs, services and policies that allow all residents of Pima County to be able to (1) enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; (2) to benefit from tax dollars being spent; (3) to have a quality of life that allows them to focus on themselves and their families.

I.  Courts

1. Too many gaps and loopholes that make it difficult for individuals who are working a traditional 9-5 work day.

2. Victims, children, and vulnerable people are not supported fully.

3. Restorative practices/options should be more readily available and accessible as alternatives to incarceration.

To Do:

1. Review Court policies and fees, consider all possible funding sources.

2. Fast-track research on Restorative Practices.

3. Fast track alternatives for including night and weekend Court.

II.  Deputies – Too many complaints about, and questionable actions.

To Do:

1. Review and ensure mental health services for members of the Department (all Departments, really)

2. Review Disciplinary Matrix and Alternatives

3. Review pay rate and benefits packages for Deputies (for all Departments, actually).

III. Roads, Transportation, Environment –

Potholes, long wait times for public transportation, inaccessibility problems, environmental impact

To Do:

1. Identify best materials for roads, including using Waste Diversion techniques.

Next Steps.

Ask Felicia a question through Facebook, TwitterEmail, or our Contact Page!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Learn more about the Campaign at www.feliciachew.com/district3

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