Felicia Chew on Stonegarden Money (Part Five)


“Yes! Sanctuary City! Because we, our parents, our grandparents, and theirs, have at some time, sought refuge. Lady Liberty provides for each of us who sought refuge. Who are we to attempt to deny refuge to those who are in need? We must set aside our fears, and provide the same freedoms that are granted to us who arrived in a different time. Humanity is humanity is humanity.” – Felicia Chew

My name is Felicia Chew.  I am campaigning for a seat on the Pima County Board of Supervisors.  The current Board is faced with several issues.  One of them is Sanctuary City?  Another is Stonegarden Money?

I say YES! Sanctuary City!  YES!  Stonegarden Money.


I have written about Stonegarden Money in four parts:

In short, I say YES to Stonegarden Money because:

  • Our Sheriff’s Department is lacking funds for paying Deputies overtime.  There have been arguments from some about concern for overworking the Deputies.  Because I talk to everyone, I know that this concern is valid.  However, I also know that there are Deputies who like to do overtime, and there are Deputies who depend on the overtime hours and pay.
  • Our technology communication is inadequate.
  • When it comes to safety, everyone can use an extra set of eyes.  This does not mean lawless vigilante eyes.  This means eyes that are there to serve.  The complaint has come from some individuals that there is over militarization in the area.  There have been complaints of being targeted by individuals.  Video surveillance provides extra eyes.  Video surveillance reflect what actually happened. Video surveillance can be used as a tool for defense, as well as surveillance.  Video surveillance may be inconvenient; however, until enough of our leaders understand that there is more than one way to solve a problem, video surveillance technology is the best way to support those who work to protect the safety of the communities, and those who seek refuge.

Learn more about Sanctuary City at www.familiesfreeandtogether.org

#TucsonFamiliesFreeAndTogether #ChooseHumanity #HumanePoliciesFirst


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