Felicia Chew on Planned Parenthood and Abortion


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.  There has been much discussion recently in regards to the operations of Planned Parenthood and abortion…

I invite you to consider the following:

(1) “Around 80% of child maltreatment fatalities involve at least one parent as perpetrator.” (https://www.childhelp.org/child-abuse-statistics/)

(2) I was a victim of religious coercive control, where the home church permitted beatings of children until they were bloody and bruised, and they condoned the separation of families of children who they deemed to be incorrigible.

I have two messages, for those who are religious, and those who are not religious:

(1) To those who are religious:  The Bible teaches that God gives People choices.  For example, in the Old Testament when God was rejected by the People in the Book of Kings, the People agreed to abide by the natural consequences, such as taxation by Kings, etc.  We can extrapolate from that statement, that decisions made by the People will have natural consequences without interference from God (e.g. a natural consequence of a sperm meeting an egg usually forms an embryo.)

We could argue and respond with infinite scripture, references, arguing with one another; however, we should also be mindful of (1) the new covenant in the New Testament, that (2) God / Jesus / the Holy Spirit (Ghost) resides in each of us; (3) the first commandment is that “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”, (4) recognize the examples of  Pharisees and Sadducees being condemned by Christ; and (5) remember Jesus’ words: “Not everyone who calls upon me LORD, LORD, will enter the kingdom of heaven,” (6) Jesus’ words at his death “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” — a human response that ignores the promise of God in Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you”, and (7) the words of Paul I 2nd Corinthians 11:14 “Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.”

I have experienced religious coercive control first hand. I encourage those of you who are condemning women who are making choices, to go to your Gethsemane.  Spend time without the influence of others.  Spend time to find and do what is right.

Look past the fears that hold you in bondage, telling you that you are not worthy to have a relationship with God.  YOU ARE WORTHY.

(2) To those who are not religious:  Recognize that a woman would be forced to carry a child for up to 9 months, unable to exercise her free will (she might have complications, or her work may force her to take time off for her pregnancy — and studies show that babies are strongest and healthiest when cared for at a young age by their mother — however, mothers are not allowed to take their children with them to work…)

Do you see the cycle that perpetuates into resentment, guilt, shame, frustration, lack of support?

WE, the People, are given certain inalienable rights… to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Forcing a parent to birth a child is an infringement on a Mother’s rights.

In closing, “There are 107,918 foster children eligible for and waiting to be adopted. In 2014, 50,644 foster kids were adopted — a number that has stayed roughly consistent for the past five years. The average age of a waiting child is 7.7 years old and 29% of them will spend at least three years in foster care.” (https://www.google.com/amp/s/adoptionnetwork.com/adoption-statistics/amp).

You can learn more about the services at Planned Parenthood at plannedparenthood.org.

You can read the Bible online (recognize that there are numerous translated versions, and numerous interpretations.)  #THINK about who is giving those interpretations.  What is their motive?  What do they gain?  Question, question, question.  Jesus asked many questions.  #SeekTruth

#FreedomFromControl #FreedomFromDeception #FreedomFromPropaganda #FreedomFromFear

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life, without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”


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